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  • Microsoft Office comes to the iPad
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If you’re an iPad user you, like many other iPad users, may be frustrated that you can’t use Microsoft Office with you iPad. It’s not that Office is particularly wonderful or that you need Office to function, but (as you probably know) Office is necessary for most work tasks. It’s nearly impossible to send any kind of written file without using Word, and other Office features make it the go-to program for work-related activities.

Yet, Microsoft and Apple are very different creatures. Usually, these two companies don’t play very nicely together, and Office wasn’t available for iPad until now. A new iPad application called CloudOn has made using Office while also using an iPad a possibility. If this sounds like an app that you need right away, you’ll have to wait just a bit – CloudOn was so popular that Apple had to pull it from the App Store until CloudOn could handle the millions of downloads it received.

A Great Idea

Apple has promised that CloudOn will be available again soon. In the meantime, it’s hard to ignore the fact that CloudOn is a great idea. After all, so many people that are current iPad users have been needing and wanting an app that will allow Office to work in conjunction with the iPad. Perhaps that’s why CloudOn became so popular so quickly. Again, it’s not that people love Office, it’s more that the work world can’t really function without Office.

The only problem with CloudOn (from a developer’s perspective) is that this app was free. As you can see, there are now two very good reasons why CloudOn received so much download traffic when the app was released. Now that the app has been pulled for a short while, one has to wonder whether or not the app will still be free when it returns. Then again, most people who are addicted to Office will gladly pay for this app – would you?

More Apps Like This One, Please

Seemingly, companies developing apps like CloudOn will have a very large audience. Although the developers behind CloudOn made a mistake by offering this app for free, the app itself is a very good idea. There are lots of apps on the current market that don’t really provide any really important service or serve any real purpose, so more apps like CloudOn would be an excellent idea.

If you’re a developer and you want to create an app, consider consumer demand. iPad users needed some way to use Office. Now that CloudOn exists, casual iPad users may become full-time users. In fact, a connection to Office was one of the main things that prevented many iPad users form switching to the iPad full-time. Now that CloudOn is here (or was here…or will return), iPad users have very little excuses not to rely on the iPad completely. If you want to download the CloudOn app, rumor has it that the app will be back in the App Store sometime within the next few weeks. After all, CloudOn has a large demand, so it doesn’t make sense to keep this app away from the public for too long. Will the app still be free? It’s hard to tell at the moment.