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If you have multiple cloud servers, you need serious cloud server protection and security. CloudPassage Halo is one of the top cloud server security platforms on the market. What makes this security platform so special? CloudPassage Halo comes with a number of security functions that you’ll want to have on your side. Best of all, this security platform doesn’t come with any complex hardware that will take hours to setup and, when tested, CloudPassage Halo proved to be one of the best cloud protection options available (when compared to current cloud protection platforms).

What CloudPassage Halo Includes

CloudPassage Halo comes with a variety of security features. Some of the more notable features include firewall management, security event alerting, security configuration, multi-network authentication, server account management, and various other security features. CloudPassage Halo is such an excellent program that it’s actually won numerous awards. Part of the reason why this security platform is so popular has to do with the security features mentioned here. Another reason is that it’s just so easy to use.

Using CloudPassage Halo

Somewhat amazingly, CloudPassage Halo takes just five minutes to install. Once the installation process has been completed, this security platform goes to work protecting the various cloud servers that you currently have. CloudPassage works with daemon that won’t take up a lot of space (less than 3mb), but is as powerful as they come. You can let CloudPassage Halo run in the background without any trouble, and rest assured that your cloud servers are well protected.

The Cost of Protecting Your Cloud Servers

With everything that CloudPassage Halo includes, it’s easy to assume that this cloud security platform would be very expensive to purchase and set up. However, this is not necessarily the case. There is a free version of CloudPassage Halo that can be setup and configured quite simply. The free version includes some network and host security along with management support. If you want to up the ante, you can purchase the NetSec version that includes a lot more features and support for three cents per server hour. The best package that CloudPassage offers is the Pro package and this option includes absolutely everything that CloudPassage has. The Pro package will cost you ten cents per server hour.

Which package is the best for you? That depends on how much protection you need, how often your servers are running, and whether or not the free version will do what you need it to do. Really, all of the options included with the CloudPassage service are solid and you’ll find that this security platform provides a great deal of ease when it comes to wondering whether or not your cloud servers are secure. If you want to know more about CloudPassage or check out the various packages, you can visit the CloudPassage website for additional details. No matter what package you select, protecting your cloud servers is something that you must do if you plan on using the cloud to store and send information.