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Instant Messaging. Some people love it. Other people hate it. No matter what side you’re on, instant messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. There are all kinds of instant messaging platforms out there. Skype offers a way to speak instantly with people, and so does Google. MSN, AIM, and AOL are other tools that people all around the world use.

Yet, none of these tools have incorporated voice. Voice in combination with text may just be the thing that all the other instant messaging systems are missing. No other messenger developer thought of adding voice to an instant messaging tool. Not until CloudTalk came along, that is. Simply, CloudTalk is a person-to-person instant messaging application available to iPhone and Android users. More concisely, CloudTalk allows people to communicate using instant messages and voice.

The World Isn’t A Quiet Place

People all around the world today prefer to texting and typing as a form of communication. Phones still serve a basic purpose, but texting allows a person to think before responding. Text messaging systems also include a number of personalization allowances that phones just can’t compete with.

However, people still like to talk. There’s no better way to understand someone than speaking to a person one-on-one. This is where CloudTalk comes in. Through brilliant marketing, targeting, and understanding the general instant messaging population, CloudTalk has created a way to combine both voice and text messages.

How CloudTalk Works

At first thought, the idea of listening to people talk sounds like an annoying one. This isn’t the case with CloudTalk. CloudTalk has an interface that makes sense. When you speak with someone via CloudTalk instant messenger, you can choose to add a video or voice clip to your message.

Instead of being bombarded with voice messages, you’ll see small dialogue bubbles next to a person’s name if that person has left you a message. Clicking on this dialogue box will allow you to listen to a conversation. You can send someone a message in the same manner. You can also communicate with entire groups in this way. Sometimes, a voice message is the best way to convey your feelings.

Searches Made Easy

Using CloudTalk is only fun if you have someone to talk to. Thankfully, finding people who you already know is easy. CloudTalk offers a search tool that makes it possible to search for people who are part of your Facebook or who are already CloudTalk members. All you have to do is allow the application full access to your networks.

Before you know it, you’ll be chatting away (quite literally) with your fellow CloudTalkers. At the time of this writing, CloudTalk was relatively new, so you may not find a ton of people who use this app quite yet. But, rest assured that CloudTalk is about to take the instant messaging world by storm. The question is: are you ready to shout out to the world through CloudTalk? This app is available now – I recommend that you give it a try!