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  • Clumsy Ninja: So Much Silly Fun
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If you haven't tried out Clumsy Ninja yet, you're missing out on this NaturalMotion iOS game. Here's why.

Cute and Fun

Clumsy Ninja's storyline is based on a ninja that's, well, clumsy. The Ninja character is adorable with large eyes and he's all giggles when you tickle him (he'll even run away from you and hide due to too much tickling!). Your mission is to help the Clumsy Ninja perfect his ninja skills and get over being clumsy. But, it's not easy.

The ninja falls, can't stand up, and is really bad at completing basic exercises and tasks. It's very important that you keep your ninja in training, though. You really want to make sure that he practices his skills all the time. Otherwise, he doesn't earn any points, and he needs those points in order to progress. The more skills he perfects, the less clumsy he becomes.

Great Responses

The best thing about Clumsy Ninja is his many responses to various actions. This ninja has bashful looks, surprised looks, and he really reacts different to every situation - even if you've been through the very same situation before. So, one time he may giggle and another time he may just shake. It really depends what kind of mood the ninja is in.

You will be reminded to buy certain items during gameplay (not annoyingly so, but it's still there) like a chicken or other items that will help your ninja along. But, hey, this is a video game, and developers need to make money, so it's not that obnoxious. This game is addicting and free to play. Plus, Clumsy Ninja was just purchased by Zynga, and that means that this game has some worth.

The Zynga Purchase

Zynga didn't just purchase Clumsy Ninja, this gaming company also purchased NaturalMotion. Zynga is going to absorb NaturalMotion and cut nearly 15% of the company's workforce. Whether or not Clumsy Ninja will continue to exist has not been stated by Zynga yet. It is possible that this company will just bear hug NaturalMotion, though that may not be the case.

It would make more sense for Zynga to keep all of the games that NaturalMotion has created, so that this company can easily move into the mobile gaming market. Right now, Zynga is primarily a desktop gaming company, so snapping up NaturalMotion might be a really great idea. Let's just hope that NaturalMotion - and its games - don't disappear completely. Clumsy Ninja is fun, has great graphics, and is highly addictive (I warned you!).

Tried It?

Have you checked out Clumsy Ninja? Do you love or hate this game? Frankly, I'd find it hard to believe that anyone would hate Clumsy Ninja because that ninja is just so darn cute. Plus, it's really entertaining to tickle your ninja regularly. But, hey, I guess some gamers may not like the idea of a clumsy ninja at all. What do you think? If you haven't tried it out, give it a shot!

Here's hoping that Zynga won't wreck the fun!