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Coding was once a term that was only used in certain circles. Today, the term “coding” seems to be more widely used and understood. Coding is so familiar to many people that people who don’t have any formal training working with codes are attempting to learn all about coding. This is no easy feat, since learning code can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

Recently, a new website called Codecademy came along. Codecademy teaches people how to code, but not in the “read tons of small text about codes” kind of way. Instead, Codecademy is an interactive website that allows users to learn about codes in a simple manner. So simple that soon people will be building their own websites and programs without hiring any kind of code specialist.

How Codecademy Works

Believe it or not, using Codecademy is actually a lot of fun. All you have to do to begin your coding lessons is click the “Get Started” button. Since all of these lessons are free, getting started really is just a matter of selecting the Get Started button. Once this button has been clicked, the site will ask you to enter your name in quotes, and this begins the start of your first lesson.

After the first lesson has been completed (this takes just a few minutes), you can move onto the next lesson. You can even invite friends to join you in your lessons and track your progress. The more that you progress, the tougher the coding lessons will become. Eventually, you will learn what kinds of codes you can use where, how to compute with codes, what you can’t do with codes, and how to set up basic code lines. These lessons act a lot like school lessons, so the format is familiar and fun to work with.

Languages and Facts

Throughout each coding lesson, you’ll learn about the language of the code you’ve just gone through. If you’re familiar with code, you already know that different coding languages exist, but those who haven’t done a bit of coding will learn these languages quickly. The site also includes fun facts about coding, codes, and what each type of code can be used for.

Essentially, this website provides a crash course in coding for people who are curious about the coding world. Upon exploring this site, I found it to be useful in every manner. I also found the site to include lots of things that a novice coder will find helpful. If you’re looking to build a website or need help with a line of code, this might be the best, and least expensive way to do it.

Interface and Pricing

The great thing about Codecademy is that this site is entirely free for now. In addition, the site just gained a lot of funding money, so it will be around for awhile. If you own a business and are looking to set up a simple website, Codecademy is a great way to learn about coding for free.

The best part, other than the free part, about Codecademy is that the interface is so simple to use, anyone can get started with coding using this site. To learn more about Codecademy, visit the website, take a spin, and learn all about coding.