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  • Comcast to Launch New Streaming Service
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If you have Comcast, you might want to check out the newest service from the company called Stream. Comcast will be launching this new service in Boston at the end of the summer, but here’s what you can look forward to from stream when that launch date happens.

As It Sounds

Stream is a streaming service (you couldn’t tell from the name, right?) that Comcast has been working on. Essentially, Stream will let existing Comcast subscribers stream channels and movies on demand within their homes. If you were to sign up for this service, you could stream these channels from your laptop, tablet, or phone while connected to your WiFi inside of your home.

In order to get Stream, you will first have to be a Comcast subscriber, so this isn’t a service that you can use separately or that you can choose in lieu of your current Comcast plan. Instead, it’s a service that you can add to your current Comcast plan for an extra $15 per month. Why would you want Stream?

The Options

Stream will let subscribers access channels like HBO, NBC, and Fox from any device inside of a home. So, let’s say that you want to watch ‘Orange is the New Black’ from your bed using your tablet, and you are a Comcast and Stream subscriber. All you have to do is log into your Stream account, and you can watch the show wherever you are. Additionally, the service will feature on-demand movies.

It seems like you will have to be inside of your home and connected to your home’s network in order to access Stream, which might be an annoyance for some people. Comcast is aiming this service at a younger audience that may want to watch TV without actually sitting down in front of a TV. This service is comparable to other services out there, but Comcast claims that Stream is a unique streaming service that has more advantage than other similar options.

Working With Apple

There are also some rumors that Comcast might be working with Apple to develop a set top box, but some other rumors note that Apple has since dropped Comcast. It’s hard to determine which rumors are true and which are not, but it’s clear that Comcast is trying to appeal to a different crowd. With various streaming options popping up regularly, it makes sense that a cable company like Comcast would want to try and compete.

The future of cable looks bleak, and unless companies like Comcast introduce modern streaming measures, they might be left in the dust. It’s hard to determine whether or not Comcast subscribers will want to pay that extra $15 per month to use the streaming service, or if they’ll just switch to a service that’s outright streaming.

It’s also unlikely that some people would move to Comcast just for the streaming service. While a valiant plan by the cable company, it’s not one that is likely to entice too many new users. Stream will be launching first in Boston and then in Chicago and Seattle before the end of 2015.