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  • Caring for Your Computer Case
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No doubt your computer is a valuable thing. As such, you must care for it to ensure that it does not break down. One of the ways you can look after your computer is making sure that your computer case, and everything inside it, is in top condition. This means you need to keep everything clean, both on a desktop computer and a laptop.
Dust can be a problem for computers because it can clog up the fans and vents. Take a look at your computer case and you might notice dust gathering up. That is not a good sign and there is going to be more inside. If air cannot circulate properly inside then the components are not going to get sufficient cooling. This could cause overheating and eventually lead to failure. No one wants the hassle of having to replace their computer parts, nor the price tag that comes with it. It is important that you are cleaning out your computer case at least twice a year.
First, before you begin cleaning, safety first: turn off your computer, pull out everything connected to it and take it outside. Taking it outside will mean that you are not inhaling (or spreading round your room) a whole load of dust later on. Obviously make sure that it is completely dry outside.
You are now going to need to open up the case. How you do this will depend on what case you have. For desktops it could be a sliding panel, buttons you need to push in or screws that you will have to unfasten. For laptops, turn them upside down and remove the battery. Then unscrew the panel, keeping track of where you are pulling which screw from. If you cannot figure out how to remove the case then refer to the instruction manual. Also, make sure that by opening up your computer case you are not voiding the warranty on it.
Now you have taken the case off you need to be careful not to damage anything inside. Do not touch anything that you do not need to. Pick out any big, noticeable clumps of dust with a pair of tweezers (or something equally nimble). Next, take a can of compressed air and blow it all round the case. Keep the can nozzle at least four inches away from the components. Try to blow the dust out of the case rather than in places where it could get stuck deep in.
You need to be particularly gentle when it comes to cleaning the fans. Use quick bursts of air rather than a constant stream, as otherwise you may over spin them and damage the blades. Also, when spraying, make sure that you are not accidentally knocking any wires out of place.
Finally, wipe the cover of the case down and remove any lingering dust there. When satisfied, replace the cover and reconnect your computer.
That is all there is to it. Following these simple instructions will help prevent overheating by ensuring that the dust does not build up too much inside your case.