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  • Computer Sound System Comparison
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Most computers come with sub-par speaker systems. Consumers looking for computer speakers with power will find themselves replacing standard speaker systems quickly. There are many appealing computer sound systems on the market, and many of them are also affordable. Great computer speakers combine both sound and visual appeal into one complete package starting at $200+.
Note: All prices listed in this document were accurate at the time of this writing.

Audioengine 2 (White Version) -- $199

Besides the fact that these speakers look good, they also put out some impressive sound. Complete with a 2.75 inch woofer and a .75 inch tweeter, the Audioengine 2’s go above and beyond standard computer speakers. Unlike other computer speakers, the Audioengine 2’s are equipped with actual speak wire (as opposed to PC speaker wires). Consumers can also switch the in-box speaker wire for another kind of speaker wire if desired. It is possible to connect an additional PC, iPod, or iPhone to the Audioengine 2 speakers via a set of RCA jacks and standard inputs.
The sound quality of these speakers is high-end. At 15 watts per channel, the Audioengine 2 speakers are ideal for listening to music, watching videos, or gaming. Audioengine 2 also offers a separate subwoofer, though this is not necessary given the integrated subwoofer. The Audioengine 2 speakers are an excellent buy for the price.

Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra MX6021 -- $150+

The Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra speakers stand out from the crowd –literally. Two pyramid shaped satellite speakers and a subwoofer make up this impressive system. Each speaker contains a 3-inch mid-range driver and a 1-inch tweeter. This system also comes with a separate controller that allows users to adjust bass and volume. The controller also includes an audio input and a headphone input.

Some users may find the cord length that’s integrated into the speakers too short. Unlike other computer speakers, it is not possible to change the cord length for alternate wiring. Also, the subwoofer that comes with this system will require ground space. Aside from these two drawbacks, the Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra speaker system is a great buy for gamers and audio enthusiasts.

SoundSticks II 3-Piece Speaker System -- $100 to $160+

The SoundSticks II 3-Piece Speaker System made by Harman Kardon is extraordinary. Not only does this system come with a sleek see-through design, it is also capable of impressive sound quality. The 10-watt speakers (complete with 1-inch drivers) are crystal clear and tough enough to withstand everyday desktop wear and tear. This system also comes with a 20-watt subwoofer that is as aesthetically appealing as the satellite speakers. Consumers are bound to love the SoundSticks II system for appearance alone, but coupled with superb sound quality these speakers are nearly unbeatable. The only drawback to the SoundSticks is a lack of a headphone jack. Otherwise, these speakers are an ideal purchase for any gamer, video enthusiast, or music lover.