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  • Confide: The App That Gets Rid of Texts
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There's something suspicious about a phone with no lingering text messages. Then again, there's plenty of room in the world for suspicious types. Maybe you're a spy or you just don't want your company to see what you're up to. If suspicion (or espionage) is your middle name, I have the ultimate app for you.

It's called 'Confide,' and it will get rid of all those pesky texts.

What Text?

Confide erases every text you receive and send, but it does more than that too. In order to read a message, your recipient has to swipe a finger across the message screen. One-by-one, words will be revealed thanks to finger swiping. As soon as the message has been read, Confide erases the message, and you're left with an empty slate.

This sounds like the privacy text app you've been waiting for, right? It certainly could be. There are just a few things you need to know before you download the app.

First, it only works on iOS for now. Please, Android users, don't whine. Developers have to put an app out on one platform first, and I'm sure Android will be next.

Second, the person you send a text to has to download Confide too. So, yes, that means you can only send Confide messages to iOS users.

Third, this app is free, so download it now.

Fourth, if your boss doesn't own your phone and you still delete your text messages, you may be seen as untrustworthy by your significant other - think about that one before you use this app!

Fifth, Confide is what you've probably been looking for in a text eraser app, and I'm betting you wish you designed this app, right? Well, you didn't, but you can still use it.

Does It Work?

I downloaded and tested Confide, and I can tell you that it does work quite well. You can send messages to anyone's email to to anyone on your contact list, and the setup is simple and clutter-free. Whatever your reason for hiding your text messages is, Confide is worth a try. After all, it does seem somewhat insane that nothing you text is every really erased unless you manually (and manically) erase it, right?

There are a few other text erasing apps out there, too, but Confide is the smoothest I've seen in a while. In fact, it bridges the gaps between all the rest and this app. If you've been looking for a way to sneakily erase your text messages, will you jump into what Confide has to offer?

Or, do you not trust this app? Further, do you think Confide will erase your messages fast enough (just how quickly does your boss tap into your messages)?

If you've used Confide, let me know. If not, I'm guessing that this app will change the way you think about texts - if you're too paranoid to send texts, you are now free! Let me know what your thoughts are about the Confide app below!