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Cooking has gone high-tech. Cookbook and recipe software helps home cooks to organize, categorize, and analyze recipes and food lists. Cooking software ranges from $18 to $80 with many appealing options in-between. Some software options allow users to extra nutritional value from certain recipes while others assist with dinner party preparations. Basic cooking software will provide tested recipes to consumers, though higher-end software will make organizing and planning any meal a cinch.

(Note: All prices are estimates at the time of this article’s writing.)

MasterCook 11 -- $29.99

The latest version of MasterCook allows includes some fairly innovative options. Verbal recipe directions are available for the hearing-impaired (or for those who have their hands full) in addition to a handy iPhone app that allows users to download recipes and shopping lists instantly. MasterCook 11 software comes with 8,000 heart-healthy recipe options, 40 quick-bake choices, and a variety of specialty diet options.

Some may find this software difficult to use at first due to a high learning curve. Inexperienced cooks will find it hard to gain answer to basic questions. MasterCook’s customer support department does return emails within 2-3 days, though this won’t help with any pressing questions. Still, as a $29.99 option, the MasterCook 11 will please most busy cooks.

Big Oven Deluxe Inspired Cooking -- $29.95

The Big Oven Deluxe Inspired Cooking software combines an online cookbook with its software. Being able to read an online version of Big Oven Deluxe’s recipes makes it easier to follow and understand recipes (the online version includes tips and hints). IPad users will also enjoy the fact that this software comes with an iPad app. This software is also compatible with MasterCook and Cook’n programs. As such, users can import recipes from either program in order to make finding the right recipe easier.

Consumers who do not have a high-speed broadband Internet connection will not be able to use this software effectively. A high-speed connection is the only way to use both the software and the online cookbook interchangeably. Big Oven’s software is also difficult to use at first, though most users will quickly adapt to the program.

Cook’n with Betty Crocker Deluxe -- $44.95

Betty Crocker is a trusted name when it comes to recipes. Following in this tradition, the Cook’n with Betty Crocker Deluxe software doesn’t disappoint. While more expensive than similar programs, the Betty Crocker Deluxe software combines top recipes from eight cherished Betty Crocker cookbooks. Users will also appreciate the option to size recipes according to serving needs. Online access to a database filled with Betty Crocker recipes is another aspect of the Betty Crocker Deluxe software that’s hard to beat.

In order to add one’s own recipes, the Betty Crocker Cook’n Recipe Organizer must be purchased. Combined with the Cook’n with Betty Crocker Deluxe price tag, the Cook’n Recipe Organizer ($29.99) may prove to be too pricey for some users. At $74.94 (with the Cook’n Recipe Organizer), this software is a deluxe way to organize, read, and gain access to tried and true Betty Crocker recipes.