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  • Choosing Between Core i5 and Core i7
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Sales pressure and seemingly amazing deals aside, selecting a PC or laptop tends to come down to two options: Core i5 or Core i7. These processors are distinctly different and understanding that difference means choosing the machine that is really right for you – regardless of how tempting that sales pitch may be. So, what is the difference between these processors and which one will suit your specific needs? In the end, it all comes down to the type of user you are. Let’s start with the pricier Core i7 processor:

The Core i7 Break Down

If you walk into any computer store and tell a sales person that your current system is too slow, you’ll be directed towards a system with a Core i7 processor – only, you might not need this system. Essentially, Core i7 processors are faster processors that are aimed at those who play a lot of games, watch lots of videos, and, generally, are multimedia enthusiasts. These processors also come with a bigger cache or memory, so this is something to consider if you need a system with lots of memory. A larger cache is also helpful if you plan on completing a number of tasks or multi-tasking. A Core i7 is the processor of choice for those users who need to get a lot of things done in a day all at once.

The Core i5 Break Down

You might have read all about the Core i7 and thought to yourself “hey, this processor sounds pretty great!” But, the Core i5 is not to be entirely disregarded and it might be more than enough process for you depending on the tasks that you will be completing in a day. While it’s true that a Core i5 process is not as fast as a Core i7, you might not need these fast speeds if you aren’t going to multi-task and you aren’t a multi-media enthusiast. For all intensive purposes, the Core i5 is a mid-range processor that many manufactures place in perfectly good systems. The Core i5 is much better than the Core i3 and it is a great all-around processor. In fact, Core i5 processors are more than adequate for most average computer users. Plan to surf the net and check your email? A Core i5 will get the job done at a fraction of the price.

Price Considerations

As mentioned, a system with a Core i7 process will be more expensive than a system with a Core i5 process. This is simply due to the fact that a faster process is more expensive. How much more expensive? While the cost will depend on the actual system that you purchase, you can expect to pay $100-$200 more for a system with a Core i7 – something to seriously consider if you don’t actually need that extra power and speed. So, should you purchase a system with a Core i7 or a Core i5? If you want the best system available and don’t mind paying for it, go for the Core i7. On the other hand, if you just want a system that you can use every day casually, don’t let a sales person talk you into that i7.