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  • Cover Canvas: Remake Your Facebook Cover
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Sometimes (no, all the time) standing out is a great thing. Facebook now lets users create unique and personalized timelines that are a lot of fun to see and use. The only problem with the Facebook timeline is that creating a cover for your timeline means choosing just one photo from the many that you probably have sitting in your Facebook account. If you want to spice things up a bit, check out Cover Canvas.

Cover Canvas is an offshoot of the company Site Canvas. In case you aren’t familiar with Site Canvas (or weren’t familiar with it), this site allows high profile people to create interesting to look at websites. Now, Cover Canvas is allowing the general population to remake their Facebook cover photos. What’s so special about these cover photos? Well, choosing from a number of very cool templates is one thing worth mentioning.


There are quite a few interesting templates to select from when you sign up for Cover Canvas. In fact, you don’t really have to sign up per se, but you do have to grant the site access to your Facebook page (this comes with the usual permissions). Once that’s done, you can select from a number of different templates that will effectively create a very cool profile photo montage for your new timeline. You can choose a template that will display your name across the bottom of it, opt for one that holds photographs together with virtual tape, or find one that makes a few of your photos pop.

When using Cover Canvas, this reviewer had a lot of fun. The site is simple to use (just connect to your Facebook account and click “create”), and the outcome of creating a new profile picture is really quite interesting. If you use this site, your Facebook profile won’t look like any other profile out there (until the word gets out, at least). There’s just one drawback to this site that I can think of.

More Freedom, Please

Cover Canvas will select random Facebook photos for you, and then place these photos inside of a colorful template. While it’s fun to tap the remix button a few times, you can’t choose the photos that you want to add to your new profile picture. For example, if you want to add a photo of your boyfriend in addition to three from your Mexican vacation, you can’t pick and choose these pictures (the site will do it for you).

Still, I managed to come up with a fairly interesting profile montage, and I’ll be back for more remixes as soon as the mood strikes. Right now, the site is fairly new, so it’s still very fast to use. I imagine that lots of people will be using Cover Canvas soon enough, and who knows what might happen once word gets out. For now, you can use Cover Canvas for free by heading to the Cover Canvas website. Setting up your new profile takes just a few minutes to do, and you’ll reap all the benefits of a great new picture that’s completely original.