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  • CrossFit Unboxed: A New CrossFit iOS App
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CrossFit is all the craze right now. The extreme, heart pounding, body shaping, workout is tough to do and not for the faint at heart in the least. But, CrossFit gyms aren't exactly on the cheap side. Most gyms that cater solely to CrossFiters charge anywhere from $150 to $250 per month. That's a lot more than the average $30 gym membership.

A new app called CrossFit Unboxed is seeking to change those rates by letting iOS users check out CrossFit workouts without the high prices. CrossFit Unboxed provides users with free CrossFit programs that have been designed by an athlete. Customized programs are then available for an additional fee (but still cheaper than joining that gym).

How These Workouts Work

If you've never been to a CrossFit class, the first workout you try on CrossFit Unboxed might seem extreme. However, the app will take you carefully through the workout, help you with positions, and allow you to log your progress, just as you would do at an actual class.

Later, if you feel that you need to progress, you can download programs that include a personal virtual trainer. These programs are a bit harder, and include all kinds of motivators. This app is a great idea for some, but it's also important that you pay careful attention to your weight lifting form.

Some Potential Dangers

CrossFit consists of heavy weights, a lot of weight lifting, and some seriously demanding exercises. If you don't lift properly, you could injure your body. To avoid this, pay careful attention to the exercises listed in the app. Or, attend a CrossFit gym for a few classes to see how everything is done.

The other potential drawback is that your current gym might not have all of the necessary CrossFit equipment. No Olympic bars? Those regular bars aren't quite the same. No kettle bells? You might have to buy some. The list goes on and on. So, be prepared to purchase some of your own equipment.

The other drawback here is that CrossFit is largely a group competitive sport. Sure, you can move at your own pace, but that's kind of against the purpose. Few things beat the counting down clock and peer pressure of an actual CrossFit class. It's also worth pointing out that you can actually find free WOD exercises online, so you might not need the app at all.

In The End

CrossFit Unboxed is a fun app to use. The app can be motivating and is a great way to check out some CrossFit moves. Just make sure that you are careful when you lift, and that you use equipment properly.

Right now, CrossFit Unboxed is available for iOS only. Whether or not the app will be available through Android is unknown. The developers behind the app, Gain Fitness, develops fun apps that are meant to combine exercise and a game-like interface. The point of these apps is to help people get off the couch, even if that expensive gym membership can't be purchased.