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  • Crowdfunding For Boston Bombing Victim: Read This.
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Every once in awhile, I come across a story that's really worth posting. When people band together to use technology for the greater good, it's really impressive. That's precisely what's happening right now on a crowdfunding site called GoFundMe.

This site is currently home to a campaign called "Bucks for Bauman." Who's Bauman? You probably saw images of him during the Boston Bombing attacks. Images of a young man in a wheelchair missing his legs due to the bombs. Later, you might have seem Bauman in the hospital, writing down a description of one of the bombers...even though he couldn't speak. Today, it's your chance to help him out.

Why Money Is Being Raised

As it turns out, Bauman doesn't have medical insurance. In the states, not having medical insurance is a big deal -- especially when your legs have been blown off. You see, Bauman's surgeries and medical treatment will cost thousands -- possibly millions -- of dollars. That's a lot of money for a guy who was working at Costco and saving money to return to school.

The crowdfunding campaign that's currently happening seeks to raise one-million dollars. Right now, the campaign has raised $313,000. Bauman has a long way to go. Donations of any kind are being accepted through the site right now. If you have ten, twenty, or any amount of money to offer, you can donate those funds to help this victim out.

Technology During Tragedy

The amount of technology that was used during the Boston Bombings to help catch the bombers was amazing. People took to social networks to spread word about the bomber's appearances, what might have happened, and to share information like license plates and other details. Some even found the Twitter accounts that the bombers used prior to the bombings.

Crowdfunding sites like the one for Bauman have also been set up. Many victims did not have insurance, and many people need help from strangers. Donating through a site like the one mentioned above is simple to do too, and you can even post a message once you donate. You might not get an advanced copy of a device or a t-shirt, but you will definitely have the satisfaction of knowing that you did your part.

Other Efforts

Another crowdfunding campaign has also been set up for Celeste Corcoran and her daughter, Sydney. Both mother and daughter suffered severe injuries during the bombings. This crowdfunding site has been set up on the GoFundMe site as well. Friends and family members are asking for $750,000 to cover medical bills. So far, the two have already raised $458,000.

So, you see, you can help these people out. No matter how far away from Boston you live, you can donate to help pay for medical bills. Medical bills that are now going to be overwhelming. All of those who lost limbs in the bombings will have a lot to deal with for the rest of their lives. But, money for medical bills shouldn't be one of those concerns. Won't you donate?