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  • CrowdTilt: Crowdfunding for Non-Profits
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From the JOBS Act to sites like Kickstarter, crowdfunding online is no longer a new game. But, that doesn’t meant that there’s no room for a new kind of crowdfunding site. CrowdTilt is a crowdfunding platform for non-profits. Raising money as a non-profit is a really tough thing to do. There are the traditional routes such as charity drives and telethons, but there has to be a more modern solution, right? There is; the relatively new crowdfunding platform CrowdTilt makes this this process a lot easier.

Using CrowdTilt As a Non-Profit

Setting up a CrowdTilt campaign is simple. All you have to do is post a picture, some details, and share your campaign via social networks. If you really want to make a splash, though, it’s a good idea to post a video to your CrowdTilt site. As soon as you set a monetary goal, people can begin contributing to your cause. What’s more, CrowdTilt is now offering tax donation receipts, so people will really have a reason to contribute to your cause.

While the premise behind CrowdTilt is definitely helping non-profits raise money, the CrowdTilt homepage video sends a different kind of message. The video presents the dilemma of buying a group gift for a friend, chasing other friends for money, and worrying about who collects the money. Even though CrowdTilt can be used for this purpose, it’s glaringly obvious that the platform should target non-profits instead. So, in short, don’t be put off by CrowdTilt’s homepage video that doesn’t target non-profits.

Why This Is a Good Idea

There’s really not enough good happening in the world. A crowdfunding site like CrowdTilt gives non-profits a platform. While other platforms like Indiegogo can, essentially, be used to raise non-profit funds, CrowdTilt is the only site offering those precious tax receipts. It’s also worth pointing out that the popular site Kickstarter does not allow charities and non-profits to raise funds on the Kickstarter platform.

If you know of a non-profit that could use some fundraising help, run a non-profit, or want to know more about how to raise money via a crowdfunding platform like CrowdTilt, it’s worth checking out the CrowdTilt website. The site claims that more than 25,000 projects have been successfully funded using the platform. There’s just three things to note.

The first is that CrowdTilt does collect a 2.4% fee from any funds gained, so keep this in mind while setting that campaign goal. The second thing worth keeping in mind is that you must actually run a charity in order to provide tax receipts (your tax information will be collected). Lastly, you can only use CrowdTilt if you live in the United States.

Attempting to access the site from another country will result in a nice “blocked” note. Just to point out how well intentioned this site is, any non-profits raising money to help Hurricane Sandy victims did not have to pay that 2.5% fee. Since today is GivingTuesday, why not mosey on down to CrowdTilt, view a few videos, and contribute to a worthy cause?