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  • Curved: Should You Buy Into this TV Trend?
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Is curved what's next when it comes to TVs? It certainly looks that way. But, curved, it seems, is not enough. The TVs being shown off at IFA Berlin were not only curved, they were also monstrous. LG has officially launched the biggest curved TV at a whopping 78-inches. That's a big TV.

From early reports, LG's TV isn't just big either. It actually looks great, has a sharp and crisp image, and is something that some people (those with deeply padded pockets) may just want to own. LG didn't release any really technical specs about the new TV, but the company isn't alone in its quest to build a TV larger than the Coliseum (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but you get the point!).

The Benefits of Curved TVs

Since you'll soon be seeing a ton of new curved TVs, you may start to wonder why curved is better than flat. Or, if curved is better than flat. According to various sources around the web, the reason why companies are going the curved route is that these OLED TVs are unique.

Companies that are putting out curved OLED TVs at the moment are also creating some of the most expensive televisions to hit the market in many years. In most cases, these TVs will only be sold to people that can spend more than $9k on a TV. That said, some tech journalists argue that this is the main reason why these companies are creating the curvy shapes - because a curved TV will become something that only wealthy people can have. But, that might not be the only reason.

Another Argument

LG (one of the biggest companies to create a curved TV at present) has told press that the curved shape of the new TVs exists in order to provide viewers with a better overall image. Flat TVs offer on perspective while curved TVs offer something entirely different.

The curved TV experience is supposed to resemble what you'd get in a movie theater or better theater, though those that have tested the TVs (most, anyway) do not agree with this point of view. So, should you buy a curved TV?

The Curved OLED TV Buy

As mentioned, you'll have to shell out a lot of cash in order to get one of the curved TVs currently on the market. If you do fall into that elite group, you may want to buy this type of TV simply because it stands out, and (let's be honest), you'll probably be one of the few that has the new curved shape.

If companies like LG do come out with a curved option that's not so expensive, you may want to check out this new screen shape just to see what it's all about. Are curved TVs better? Right now, the answer is a tentative 'no.' Will they be better in the future? Maybe. Should you buy one? As novelty at first, but there may be merit to purchasing a curved TV as they become more perfect. Got questions about these TVs? Comment below.