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  • Customizing Your Windows Phone 7
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The Windows Phone 7 interface is beautiful and functional from the get go, but there are a few opportunities for you to personalize your start screen and the look and feel of the phone’s interface. This article will walk you through the ways you can customize your Windows Phone 7 to better match your personality, tastes and workflow.

Change Your Windows Phone 7 Wallpaper

The wallpaper is the photo that appears on the lock screen. This serves as the backdrop for the time and date and any notifications. You swipe it away to access your phone. You can change this from the default using the following steps.

1. Unlock your screen.
2. Swipe to the right to reveal the long list of apps and icons.
3. Scroll down and touch Settings.
4. Touch System
5. Scroll down and touch Lock & Wallpaper
6. Touch Change Wallpaper
7. Choose a picture to use as your Wallpaper.
8. If necessary, crop the picture by zooming in or out and moving the frame.
9. Touch the checkmark to save your new wallpaper.

Changing the Accent Color

On your start screen, and throughout some apps and menus, there is an accent color for hubs, icons and panels. You can change this to whatever you’d like.

1. Touch Settings.
2. In the System menu, touch Theme.
3. Touch Accent Color.
4. Choose an Accent Color.

Changing the Background

Windows Phone 7 has a dark background by default. While the dark background creates less strain on your eyes, a light background may be easier for you to read, as it has a bit more contrast.

1. Touch Settings
2. Touch Theme.
3. Touch Background.
4. Choose Light or Dark.

Re-arranging Icons on the Start Screen
The start screen has larger icons consisting of your frequently use apps and dynamic icons. You can re-arrange, delete and add icons to this start screen.

1. Navigate to the start screen.
2. Touch and hold any icon.
3. When the icon raises up, you can begin shifting it around or touch the Pin icon to remove it from the start screen.
4. Touch other icons to select them to move or remove.
5. Touch an empty space when you are done.
6. Navigate to the screen to the right with all of your apps and icons. Touch and hold an icon until a menu appears. Tap “pin to start” to add it to the start screen.
7. You can pin contacts, web pages, documents and other items to the start screen, too. Simply touch the Pin icon along the bottom whenever you are viewing it.

Change Your Ring Tone

Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support custom ring tones, but there are a few alternates.

1. Touch Settings.
2. Touch Ringtones & Sounds.
3. Here, you can choose a Ringtone, text message alert, email alert and voicemail alert. You can choose a different sound for each notification or choose “none.”


For now, this is all you can customize in the Windows Phone 7. Stay tuned for the next update to the software, which may introduce more personalization features.