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  • Dashlane Password Manager
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There are, in fact, a lot of password management programs on the market. But, some are far superior to others and this is the case with Dashlane. Dashlane is a different kind of password manager that works very well for all kinds of users – even teens! In fact, Dashlane has been touted as one of the few password managers that teens should become used to and work with, since it’s such an easy program to follow. From the simplistic user-interface to the many features it includes, Dashlane is an program for anyone seeking to keep passwords safe and in order.


One of the most important things about any program is whether or not a program can be used without a lot of problems or fuss. It’s never fun to spend hours looking at a program manual and trying to figure out how to use that program. Sure, Help files, well, help, but sometimes it takes awhile to go through a Help file just to figure out a simple problem. The developers behind Dashlane, on the other hand, have made sure that this program is simple to use.

When you first download the program, you will notice that Dashlane doesn’t just tell you whether or not the password you have chosen is safe. This program actually comes with a Wizard that brings you through the password creation process. Using some basic information, the Dashlane Wizard will help you devise a super strong password that you can be sure can’t be cracked. Overall, the Dashlane interface is straightforward and really quite nicely done. Dashlane isn’t overcrowded with junk you don’t need, and this interface won’t cause any unnecessary confusion. As far as user-friendliness and interface go, Dashlane earns definite top marks.

Password Importation Ease

Dashlane allows user to important any passwords that are currently stored in Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. Importing passwords is as simple as following the very detailed instructions. If you have used LastPass or RoboForm Desktop 7 in the past to hold any passwords, Dashlane can import these passwords as well. In addition, a few other password management program passwords (almost all common password managers are included) can be imported from. While some other password managers make it tough to import passwords, this isn’t the case (thankfully) with Dashlane.

Simple Secure

Dashlane also gets security right. While you might assume that any password manager would consider security above all else, this isn’t necessarily true. Dashlane will shut down and ask for a re-login after a system has been idle for thirty minutes. This program will also ask you to configure the login and shutdown preferences, so you can decide if thirty minutes is too short or too long. Dashlane is also highly configurable in a number of other manners, making this program simply secure. When all is said and done, Dashlane is an excellent password manager (one of the securest password managers, really) for a superb price. How much does Dashlane cost? This program is completely free, and that’s just impossible to beat!