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The Delicious Library 2 app uses Mac's iSight camera to scan the barcode of your belongings and automatically enter them into your library. Keeping track of all of your video games, music, movies and clothes can help you stay organized, and also see items that no longer appeal to your taste, which can then be sold or given away. The application is currently available for $34.99, and is compatible with items from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. The Delicious Library 2 application is available for Mac users only.


The Delicious Library 2 application allows users to easily keep a home inventory of their belongings. Farhad Manjoo, from the New York Times called it "the best of the home inventory managers I tested." It can be nearly impossible to keep track of all of one's belongings. It's hard enough when all belongings are in one's house or apartment, and it gets even more complicated when garages, attics and storage lockers are added to the mix. The Delicious Library 2 app provides an easily accessible way to keep track of all of one's belongings.

The Delicious Library 2 application is able to scan barcodes of movies, video games, music, gadgets and clothing, allowing users to display and share their interests. The scannable items are somewhat limited, but include the most easily re-sellable items. Within seconds of scanning, the items appear on a large digital bookshelf, and includes a wealth of information about each item.

Share Your Stuff

While keeping an inventory of your belongings automatically appeals to many, there are some people who are not quite sure why this is beneficial or worth $35. There are quite a few reasons that keeping an inventory is a good idea. Sharing your library shelves with friends is easy with this app. Your library can be published to the web with one simple click, allowing you to share your favorite belongings with friends and family.

This application makes it even easier to share physical copies of books, movies, games and even clothes. Not only does it make it easier for your friends to see what they might want to borrow, the app also helps users keep track of which friends borrowed what. Like many Apple applications, the Delicious Library 2 app is integrated to be compatible with other Apple products. When a user loans out an item, he or she can drag that item to the friend or family member in the user's Address Book contacts. iCal can also be used to set a reminder of when the item should be returned.

Up-To-Date Information

Another very cool feature of the Delicious Library 2 app, is its ability to show up-to-date information about the items. Perhaps you've kept a rare, out-of-print book in your bookshelf for years. Maybe it was passed down to you from previous generations. Any items scanned into Delicious Library 2 will list their current retail value. Not only does the app show users the value of their items, but it also allows them to easily post items for sale with three easy clicks