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  • Dell Goes the Linux Route – Again
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Linux just doesn’t get enough attention. The user-friendly version of Linux (Ubuntu) is just as easy to use (if not easier) as Windows and has a lot in common with OS X. Yet, Ubuntu doesn’t get used often because, well, Windows has largely cornered the OS market, and most people fear for their lives when the word Linux is mentioned (due to the fact that Linux is mostly used by engineers and developers alike). But, fear not, folks, Ubuntu is a great operating system. So great, in fact, that Dell once sold laptops equipped with Linux back in 2007.

Even though these Linux-based laptops did sell, they didn’t sell as much as Dell needed them to, and the line was discontinued. Now, Dell is testing the Linux market once again with a new Linux laptop called the “XPS13 Ultrabook.” This laptop was built based on various and numerous requests by Linux devotees, and Dell has made some statements about the laptop features.

Introducing the Dell XPS13 Ultrabook

The new Dell laptop won’t be able to dual-boot Windows, so if you’re thinking of buying this laptop and using both Windows and Ubuntu, you will be disappointed. To access both Ubuntu and Windows using a new XPS13, you will have to buy the Windows version of the Dell laptop (currently available), and then add Ubuntu to the system in order to run both. However, there’s really no need to run both when Ubuntu works very well, indeed (as I mentioned above, this reviewer actually thinks that Ubuntu works better than Windows).

Dell is targeting “professionals” with the new Linux laptop, the company said in a recent press release, but what’s really meant by that term is that Dell is targeting those who know about Ubuntu and aren’t afraid to use it. The new Linux equipped laptop will also come with a Core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 256GB solid state drive, so Dell really isn’t messing around when it comes to storage and processing power. As you might expect, this laptop won’t be on the cheap side (but, come on, it’s packed with tons of power and solidly built to boot!) at just less than the Windows version (currently $1499).

Who This Laptop Will Work For

I can’t stress enough how great Ubuntu is to work with. That said, you probably don’t need a Core i7 processor if you don’t intend to multi-task. Certainly, a multi-processor is always a good thing, but you’d have to justify the cost of this laptop if you want to experience Ubuntu. If you are into multi-tasking and have a lot of video and photo editing tasks to complete, a laptop that’s under $200, is packed with a Core i7, has lots of RAM, and comes with Ubuntu in-box isn’t a bad deal at all.

Dell will be selling the Ubuntu-packed XPS13 within the next few months. Right now, Dell is still trying to decide how to market the new laptop, since the company’s 2007 Linux line didn’t sell all that well. If you happen to see some Dell ads for the new Ubuntu laptop, do yourself a favor and don’t fall for all the Windows hype all the time by testing out what Linux has to offer – you’ll be more then happy with what you find!