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  • The New Dell Tablet Is Cheap - But Not Great.
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Next week, you will see the all-new Dell Venue 8 tablet in stores. This table will be inexpensive at $179.99, and Dell is trying to catch the tablet crowd that doesn't want to pay $500+ for an iPad. But, should you purchase this cheaper tablet?

Let's take a closer look at the Dell Venue 8 tablet.

Cheaper All-Around

Realistically, you can't put out a $180 tablet without cutting a few corners. So, that's what Dell did. This tablet isn't super touch-sensitive, it doesn't have a great screen, and it doesn't have the best camera on the planet. It's also not smaller than other tablets in its class - this tablet has some heft to it.

So, what's good about the new Dell tablet?

The Good Bits

The one great thing that you'll love about this new Dell tablet is that colors appear normal and natural on-screen. The other obvious bonus here is that this tablet is far less expensive than any other 8-inch tablet on the market. Really, you aren't going to find many tablets for this price at all.

You can also expand the memory jack with the Dell Venue 8, and some people may find that to be an exceptional exception. Sadly, the bad bits about this tablet definitely outweigh the good.

The Parts You Wish Weren't There

If you're looking for a tablet with some amazing camera features and options, this isn't it. Not by a long shot. Because this tablet's screen is also less than amazingly responsive, you may find working with the Venue 8 like working with a non-responsive GPS screen. It will be frustrating, at times, to use this screen if you're used to a much faster response.

Those things might not seem like much, but when you add it all together you wind up paying nearly $200 for a not-so-great tablet. For my money, I'd keep that $200 and save up $300 more for an iPad or for a tablet that's much better than this one. Sure, this tablet is cheap (and, by the way, it might be great for seniors or children), but it's frustratingly slow and non-responsive, doesn't come with a good camera, and isn't the lightest thing going.

Release Date Details

If you still want to purchase a Venue 8, though, I'm not going to stop you. So, where can you get one? This tablet will show up in stores the first week of December, and it will be available in black or red. Dell's new tablet doesn't impress this reviewer, but, hey, it's a cheap option for anyone wanting a tablet this holiday season. Just remember: it never pays to go cheaper!

If you've tested out the Venue 8, please weigh in here. What did you think? Love it or hate it? Want one? Buying one? What's your opinion of this new Dell tablet? For some, the Venue 8 will be the cheaper answer to all tablet prayers - for most, though, it will definitely disappoint (I warned you it wasn't great!).