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  • Dell’s New Windows 8 PC Lineup
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The latest company to join the Windows 8 frenzy is Dell. Today, Dell announced that its new XPS 12 Convertible laptop will be hitting store shelves on October 26th. Dell’s Convertible laptop is interesting. Then again, most of the new Windows 8 devices that are popping up are unusual. Some include touchscreens and two-touch systems. Others are just completely off the wall. Dell’s new Convertible laptop falls into that later category. This laptop has a screen that flips, hangs, and moves.

Dell’s XPS 12 Laptop: Novelty or Novel?

Dell is calling the Convertible laptop a hybrid. Technically, this laptop can be a laptop or a tablet. The screen detaches from the hinged top portion of the laptop, and can be used as a tablet. When attached to the laptop base, the top portion of the laptop swings back and forth or can be locked into permanent laptop mode. There’s no doubt that this laptop is somewhat novel. But, is Dell onto something here? If you look at Dell’s past, the answer is clearly “no.”

Dell went the convertible laptop route back in 2010. During that time, the Dell Inspiron Duo didn’t sell all that well. So, what’s driving the force behind the XPS 12? It’s hard to tell. Seemingly, Dell believes that only a convertible laptop will showcase what Windows 8 can do. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. What really matters, though, is what’s inside of Dell’s new Convertible offering.

This Laptop Is All About Display

The XPS 12 is clearly focused on display quality. In addition to the, sometimes, hanging convertible aspect of the laptop, the XPS 12 includes a full HD Display and comes with a nice 12-inch screen. As with most new Windows 8 devices, the XPS 12 also includes a touchscreen display. Most laptop manufacturers agree that a touchscreen is the only way to go when it comes to Windows 8. So, Dell definitely doesn’t disappoint where the XPS 12 display is concerned.

In case you’re interested in a desktop version of this system, Dell is also offering a very large 28-inch desktop with touchscreen called the Dell Inspiron One 23. This system will retail for $779.99 and will ship at the end of October as well. As far as pricing for the new XPS 12 goes, the tag that you’ll see on this convertible laptop is $1199. That might be a high price for such a novel laptop, but we’ll see how Dell’s sales go.

Be Prepared: An Array of Touchscreens Headed Your Way!

With the launch of Windows 8 will come a ton of new touchscreen devices. Some are on the strange side, like Dell’s new Convertible. Others are of the normal sort with a newly added touchscreen. If one thing can be gained from all of the upcoming Windows 8 device launch news, it’s that manufacturers across the board expect Windows 8 to be a huge deal. Whether or not you should buy into the hype and head for a touchscreen is a different story. To find out more about Dell’s new oddly convertible system, head to the Dell homepage.