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  • Dell’s New Tablet Swings – Really.
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A few different tablet-laptop hybrids have hit the market lately. Some of these hybrids are interesting. But, Dell really takes the cake where bizarre hybrids is concerned. Dell’s new XPS Duo 12 isn’t just a laptop or a tablet. It is a laptop and tablet combined, but that’s really not the odd part. The XPS Duo 12 actually detaches from its frame, so that the then detached laptop can swing freely from its frame to become a tablet. Yep, you read that right. This tablet actually swings from the original laptop frame. There’s no doubt about it, Dell is definitely thinking way outside the box on this one. But, is that a good thing?

Inside the XPS Duo 12

Dell isn’t really letting press know much about the XPS Duo 12. What is known is that this tablet-laptop hybrid will have a 12.5-inch screen and consumers will have the option to purchase up to a Core i7 processor. This new device will also run on Windows 8. Other than that, what we can really focus on here is the overall design.

More About That Floating Dock

It’s safe to assume that Dell took a look at the current hybrid docks and decided to go with one that wasn’t like anything else on the market. Instead of a solid dock, the Dell dock is really just a floating frame. This frame hangs in the air as you might imagine it would. Surprisingly, though, the hanging frame appears to be quite solid. The idea behind this frame is to allow users maximum control over the tablet’s viewing angle. Only, it seems odd that the tablet can’t actually be detached from the frame. Then again, the frame can be snapped back into place, detached from the keyboard, and carried around as you would a normal tablet.

That hanging frame is made from aluminum alloy, and it is really quite difficult to snap, break, or puncture from the looks of things. Dell claims that this floating frame is as solid as any other tablet frame, and we’ll have to take the company’s word for it right now. Could Dell be cashing in on something that other companies have missed? Is there really a market for a tablet-laptop hybrid with a floating frame such as this one? It’s really hard to tell whether or not Dell’s latest device will take off. But, there is certainly a market for tablet-laptop hybrids, as other companies are going the same route.

Weight, Height, and Availability

Those who have been lucky enough to test the new Dell device have noted that it is quite a bit thicker and heavier than most other hybrids on the market. This is, no doubt, due to that sturdy aluminum frame. This might seem like a drawback, but Dell may not be aiming for the consumer crowd here. It’s likely that this hybrid will be used by businesses more than individuals – it’s easy to see a few people gathered around a boardroom table look at Dell’s latest device.

At present, the Dell hybrid is still in pre-production mode. I’m guessing that Dell will make the tablet-laptop hybrid available right before the holiday season. Or, possible, later this fall. In any case, the new Dell XPS Duo 12 is a hybrid worth keeping your eye on – it’s sure to be the only one of its kind!