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  • Delta Airlines Flight Attendants Get Windows Phones
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For years, airline passengers have been told to shut off electronic devices. Even though experts have proven that those devices have no bearing on the actual flight, the rule still persists. So, it's always interesting when flight crews are handed phones and tablets to use to assist passengers. Tablets have been used before, but Delta Air Lines crews are the first to get the Nokia Lumia 820 smartphones as part of airline service.

The Nokia Lumia Deal

More than 19,000 flight attendants that work for Delta have been given the Windows phone to use in-flight. For what purpose? To help passengers that want to make purchases on board. Delta has told passengers that the new phones will help with a number of purchase issues including:

efficient service
faster transaction times
emailed e-receipts
instant seat upgrade purchases

The airline also hopes to provide flight attendants with the ability to read digital coupons in the very near future. This is all part of a way for Delta to show passengers that the airline is technology-savvy, and ready to provide passengers with the best possible options. Plus, this gives Microsoft a huge boost.

A Needed Windows Phone Boost

The fact that Delta is using Windows phones gives the company a needed boost. Delta didn't go with Apple or Android, and that's actually saying a lot. Despite the fact that Delta employees use iPads regularly, the company has decided that Windows phones are the best in-flight option. This decision may result in some consumers wanting the same phones that flight attendants are using, possibly.

The Windows phones will operate via Wi-Fi and AT&T’s LTE network to provide flight attendants with optimal service. If you've ever tried to purchase an item in-flight, you know just how slow this attempt can be. Most of the time, processing a payment just takes too long, but all of this will change with super fast phones on board.

A Money Boost Too

The financial terms of the Windows phone deal haven't been disclosed yet, though Delta presumably got a decent deal on the phones. It's also been stated that Delta will be getting Windows phone upgrades as soon as they arrive, and this will help to make the new phone system even better and more efficient. Passengers, sorry, you still can't use phones while in-flight.

Microsoft and Delta have both stated that the Windows phone will help make in-flight purchase easier and faster, and this much is certainly true. But, there are a few concerned raised when it comes to security. Most passengers want to know what credit card processing system Delta attendants will be using to accept in-flight payments. Since security is such a big issue today, information like this should be readily available.

Some love the idea of Windows phone transaction, and some hate what Delta is doing. Either way, though, Delta flight attendants will have a lot more ways to pass the time on super long flights (even if they are supposed to be work phones!).