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The web world wants you to believe that building a website is hard. Sure, sites filled with flash and animations may be tough to erect, but an average website isn’t an enormous feat. Developers across the world have been bringing you one step closer to the ultimate website by creating easy to use software.

These programs are chock-full of features and templates that you can use. What’s better is that website design software tends to come with user-friendly directions. When searching for the right program, be sure to choose one that has accessible support. Otherwise, you could end up pulling your hair out over a bit of HTML or other code. Please note that all prices included in this article were approximate at the time of this writing.

Web Studio -- $150+

Web Studio isn’t the cheapest program available. Yet, this website building software does offer a number of templates, a great feature set, and a user-friendly interface. You’ll find that Web Studio is packed with 150 different templates that you can select from. Since this program was designed for the average person who simply wants to build a website, Web Studio is not customizable.

However, this is not necessarily a drawback. Due to Web Studio’s clear interface, building a website is as simple as following a set of directions and selecting the right template for your site. Even though Web Studio is expensive, it is also a great program that will get the job done with ease.

SiteSpinner -- $45+

The name of this program is less than inspiring. Generally, any program that has the word “spinner” included in it is a program that you want to avoid. Thankfully, SiteSpinner is different. SiteSpinner is filled with templates that come with helpful and effective tutorials. If you are unsure of how to use a template, SiteSpinner will make every aspect of any chosen template simple. For the price, you’ll get a program that comes complete with templates and features, but you won’t get as many features as you may find with a higher priced program. In short, SiteSpinner is a great program for those who are shopping on a budget.

Intuit Website Creator – Monthly Subscription

If template selection is what you’re looking for, look no further than Intuit Website Creator. This program is bursting with unique templates that are simple to use. The great thing about having an array of templates to select from is that your website will not look like any other site out there. For this reason alone, the monthly membership fee ($5 at the time of this writing) is worth the price. You won’t find that Intuit is full of features, but you will find that this program is straightforward and easy to use.

What to Look For

When building a website, a few things are very important. First, you must make sure that your site doesn’t look like every other site on the Internet. Therefore, a program packed with templates is the way to go. Second, your website must be easy to navigate. Thus, a program that offers simple instructions will help you build a site that others can use.

Lastly, a website must be clean and uncluttered. This can be accomplished by selecting a program that doesn’t complicate matters. Any of the aforementioned programs will help you build the best possible site.