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  • The Scribble Pen Draws the Exact Color of Any Object
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Have you ever tried to match the exact color of something? Something like a piece of fruit or a certain pillowcase color? It’s typically not an easy thing to do.

Unless you have a Scribble pen, that is. Scribble is a pen that can match the exact color of any object, so that you can draw in that color.

How Scribble Works

The Scribble pen has one end that acts as a scanner, and another end that does the actual drawing. When held up to any object, the pen scans the color of that object. Once the color has been scanned, users can draw on a piece of paper in that exact color. You can, for instance, draw in fruit-colored orange, or color a picture in the perfect shade of cherry red. The pen can reproduce up to 16 million different colors.

Inside of the Scribble pen are five refillable cartridges that include the colors white, black, magenta, yellow, and cyan. After an object has been scanned, the pen stores a memory of that color, and then mixes the five different ink colors to reproduce the exact shade of the object that was scanned. Not only is the Scribble pen a really fun tool for anyone that likes to draw, the pen can also be used digitally.

Digital Options

The Scribble pen can be connected via USB or Bluetooth to any device too. From there, digital artists can create works on computer and tablets using the same color matching technology. It’s all pretty mind-blowing if you think about it. If you don’t want to connect the pen to a device using USB or Bluetooth, you can purchase a Stylus version of the pen that allows you to simply draw on tablets and other devices.

It is possible to store up to 100,000 different colors in the Scribble pen at once. As you might suspect, though, a pen with this kind of technology isn’t cheap. The Scribble pen was designed for artists and graphic designers, and it’s priced accordingly. If you want a Scribble pen, the price you’ll have to pay is $149.95. That might seem like a lot for a pen, but it’s one way to make any design piece really pop. If you like the idea of a Stylus, the cost is around $79.95.

Where to Buy

The Scribble pen is really interesting, and it’s going to change the way that we look at color (soon it will be hard to debate the exact color of an orange, for example). But, you will have to wait a bit to purchase a Scribble pen. The team building the Scribble pen is still working on building a Kickstarter campaign, and that means that the actual pen won’t be selling on retail shelves for a few months.

If you like the idea of the Scribble pen, make sure to keep your eye on the Kickstarter site, or sign up on Scribble’s website to learn more about how to pre-order this pen. Scribble will, no doubt, be a popular item when it does hit market shelves.