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There’s nothing exciting about cubicle life. Yet, many of us have to trudge into an office and look at a cubicle wall for hours on end. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a few things inside of your three walled space that were fun?

If you’re looking for tech gifts this year, don’t forget to include the people on your list that work in cubicles by buying some of these fun tech gifts.

A Whole Section on Coffee Here

What gets the average worker through the day better than a hot cup of coffee in the AM, and in the PM? Everyone hits that 3pm wall, and coffee is the best way to conquer it. But unless you’re working for a new startup that’s spent dollars on a thirdwave coffee bar just for employees, you’re probably stuck with old school drip, or (possibly worse) pods. Both are tortuous, and you can do better - you will do better with these coffee gifts.

The USB Coffee Warmer: this device looks like those hotplates you might have had in college, but it plugs into your computer. Just place a mug on top of the hot spot, and you’ve got instantly warm coffee. If you pick up a cup on your way into work, this is a great buy (or, okay, a good gift). The cost is around $10.

The Kalita Wave: considered one of the best pour over coffee options, this little device will make the perfect cup every time. You can buy one on Amazon for $30-$40.

Bodum French Press: all that person on your list needs are some brewed and ground beans, and they can press their way to great coffee all day. Bodum has a range of presses that span from $15 to $99.

Gifts that Aren’t Coffee Related

If someone on your list wants something that’s not coffee related, you can still deck out his cubicle with these awesome gift ideas.

A better chair: does the person you’re buying for work at home on a really bad chair all day long? You can purchase a great desk chair that’s adjustable and ergonomic for around $300.

A desk that adjusts: adjustable desks are great, and it’s much healthier to stand up and work all day than it is to sit down all hunched over. If you’re buying a gift for someone’s home office, think about an adjustable desk option.

A new tablet or laptop (if you have a lot to spend). There are a few great tablet guides on this site that you can look at, and anyone that works at a desk all day can use a good laptop. If your budget is on the high side, think about those tech gift ideas.

Headphones: office chatter can be funny at times, but other times it can be disruptive. Help the person on your list block it all out with some noise cancelling headphones. Bose makes a great pair that are under $300.

There are plenty of things that can make any cubicle experience happier - spread the joy, and give someone a fun tech desk gift.