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  • Ways to Keep Your Desktop In Shape
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It's so easy to create a cluttered desktop. This is especially true if you work at your computer every single day. Somehow, those files just pile up causing a creative mess. Desktop cleanup tools aren't anything new. But, there are some great tools available now that weren't available previously. There are also so very simple organization tools that are already part of your system. Take a look.

Learn How to Organize

Your system already includes lots of empty folders. You can create folders and move items in and out of folders. By simply creating a folder that's labeled "new work," for example, you can easily save all of your new work to that folder. Later, you can send your new work to your "completed work" folder for quick use. This process takes a little getting used to, but it works very well.

If you have a cluttered desktop already, you will have to take a few minutes (or hours, depending) to clean it up. This means sifting through all of your files looking for documents to be placed in one folder or another. Is this time consuming? You bet; but it's worth the trouble. If you aren't into organizing, you can download a tool that does it all for you.

Organization Tool Options

There's a new desktop tool in town called "Fences." Fences works by creating shaded sections on your desktop called "Fences." Each fence contains files and folders of a similar type (Word documents, for example). When installing Fences, you can even let the program sort through all of your desktop files, and place each file into the right category for you. Or, you can do this manually. It's also easy to create a new customized fence just by using the left-click mouse option. Fences is a Windows-only option.

If you have a Mac, you can check out Desktoday, which is a Mac utility. This tool will organize files automatically. When a file hasn't been touched for a long time, that file is automatically dropped into a corresponding folder. This tool lets you sort files by date too, which is really helpful. But, the truth of the matter is that you don't really need a separate tool to keep your desktop in order.

Simpler Ways to Clean Up

One good trick is to choose a wallpaper design that you love. Pick something that you wouldn't want to cover up -- something that you want to see clearly every time you open up your computer. The next time you try to save something to your desktop, you'll think twice about covering up that pictures. Another way to keep your desktop in line is to cut it up into sections.

Play around with some pre-made desktop options. You can separate your desktop according to colours, sections, or even shades. Simply designate one portion of your desktop to each specific task. You'll quickly become accustomed to this process. The trick is to choose a method that works for you, and keep on using that method every day. After awhile, your desktop will be nicely organized.