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Clutter and chaos can quickly contribute to a loss of productivity and efficiency. While inevitable, desktop clutter is not something that you have to live with. Desktop customization software can help put your desktop in order. The trick to finding the right desktop organization software is to find out what you need to whip your desktop into shape.

Some programs allow you to organize icons while others allow you to create customized Windows applications. Most desktop customization software also comes with additional tools that will help make accessing your desktop easier. You’ll also be happy to note that many of these programs are free, and those that are not free are affordable.

ObjectDock 2.0 – Free (Paid Upgrades Available)

ObjectDock is true to its name in every manner. This desktop customization dock allows users to create shortcuts and add a variety of items to a convenient dock. If you’re new to desktop customization software, you’ll find that ObjectDock is one of the easiest programs to use. Installing this program is fast, and ObjectDock can be customized in a number of different ways. Users can select settings, add important shortcuts, and create a personalized dock in minutes. Various free features also come with ObjectDock including weather features. In conclusion, ObjectDock 2.0 is one of the best desktop organization tools available.

WindowBlinds -- $19+

While not a free program, nineteen dollars is a low price to pay for this excellent organizational software. WindowBlinds puts users in control of Microsoft Windows. Users can change the colors and appearance of Windows including the appearance of taskbars, buttons, menus, and almost every other part of Windows. Customizing Windows helps to make Windows more efficient. Users will find that WindowBlinds is a great way to personalize Microsoft Windows – something that is impossible to do in most instances.

VistaGlazz – Free

If you currently use Windows Vista, you will enjoy what VistaGlazz has to offer. This program makes it possible for users to customize Vista by changing the appearance of the program. Altering Vista according to user preferences is the best way to control Vista on every level. Create customized colors and skins, control Vista in almost every manner, and make Vista entirely personal with VistaGlazz. This software is also easy to use, and users of all levels will find VistaGlazz glitch free.

Fences – Free

Desktops become cluttered with a multitude of icons easily. Combating this clutter is only a matter of downloading Fences. This program automatically (or manually if you choose) organizes desktop icons, so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly. Organize icons by file type, by project name, or by another identifying factor. Fences also allows users to drag and drop shortcuts, use a simple scroll bar to find minimized folders (or “fences”), and hide shortcuts. Controlling your desktop icons has never been easier than it is with Fences – the ultimate desktop icon organizer.