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  • New Numbers: Tablet Sales Are Down
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According to recent numbers released by Gartner, desktop sales are on the decline while ultrabook sales are expected to increase drastically.

Why are people buying more ultrabooks and less desktops? It might have a lot to do with the recent decrease in tablet sales – tablets, it seems, are no longer as popular as they once were.

Are Tablets Over?

Tablet sales might be coming to a slowdown simply because tablets are no longer the new trend. While sales of tablets have increased by 24% since 2013, that increase is expected to slow down in the latter half of 2014. This isn’t completely abnormal, though, since trendy device such as tablets do taper off sales-wise as soon as people gravitate towards a different type of device. That new device might be convertible ultrabooks and other hybrids.

Gartner projects that 7.6 million hybrids will be sold in 2015, and that’s a projected increase of approximately 5 million sold since 2013. Why are people so attracted to hybrids? Once again, it’s likely because these devices are the new thing – well, newer than the standard tablet. As for desktops, well, those just aren’t selling like they used to, mainly because desktops aren’t portable, aren’t flexible, and just aren’t what people want.

It’s Still an Apple VS Android Battle

Apple just released its third quarter results, which indicated that iPad sales were down for the second year in a row. Android operating systems, on the other hand, are selling quite well. Right behind Android are Microsoft tablet sales. There are a number of good and possible reasons why iPad sales might be lagging behind Microsoft and Android sales, and one of the main reasons is that iPads are simply more expensive than other options. When consumers want to purchase a tablet, the higher priced iPad simply doesn’t have appeal.

Apple’s numbers are expected to increase once the company announces the much-anticipated iPhone 6, but it’s also clear that Apple will have to come up with something entirely new and somewhat groundbreaking. Otherwise, it’s just another iPhone that’s only slightly different from the last few versions, and that’s not enough to get people to switch from lower-priced Android options.

The Future of Devices

If you’re looking for a tablet, go for it – but check out what Microsoft and Android are offering before you pony up the money for an iPad. If you are torn between a tablet and a convertible device, you may want to think about the benefits of a convertible option. As far as desktops go, well, if you need a desktop for home or for the office, that’s what you’re going to buy – though it’s hard to imagine why you’d need a desktop with so many other appealing and portable options.

Those are the latest numbers from Gartner (at the time of this writing) where the tablet, desktop, and ultrabook markets are concerned. While you shouldn’t base your next purchase on these numbers, it never hurts to take a look at the trends – just in case you’re set on buying something that may not have any real appeal.