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  • Dialogue: Get Calls on Your Mac from Your Phone
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Wouldn't it be great if you could get calls to your iPhone directly on your Mac? Well, now you can. There's a new app called Dialogue that lets you do just that - dialogue by tethering your iPhone to your Mac via Bluetooth. This app is a lot of fun, works well, and is one excellent way to handle calls from your desktop. Here's how Dialogue works.

Using The Dialogue App

The first thing that's great about the Dialogue app is that this app sits quietly in your desktop toolbar. Dialogue won't distract you from what you're doing, and this app doesn't get in the way. The second great thing is that you can answer and send calls directly from your Mac without actually touching your phone.

Particularly helpful when you don't know where your phone is, Dialogue makes it simple to keep working while taking all of those important phone calls. You can also send out calls from your desktop using Dialogue, since this app connects to your phone's contact list.

Testing Out Dialogue

If you're familiar with Skype, Dialogue isn't a far cry. Calls are sent and received (or ignored) via that little Dialogue icon that sits in your desktop toolbar. When a call comes in, a green and red flash appears on your screen, and you will also see an image of the person that is trying to call you. You can then accept or decline the call.

Making outgoing calls is just as simple. The one drawback to Dialogue is that it's best to use a headset or Mac headphones when making or getting calls. Sometimes, it's hard to hear the person making the call when using standard Apple headphones, so a good pair of headphones might be needed to hear clearly. Otherwise, the app works well, and integrates with your Mac just as well. Only, is this app worth the price?

Not Worth the Price

Dialogue costs $6.99 in the App Store. That's a hefty price to pay for an app, and it's a price that seems high when services like Skype are absolutely free. Skype doesn't connect calls from your phone, but do you really need that service? It all depends on how many phone calls you get daily. If your phone is ringing all the time and you are tired of running for your phone when working at your desk, the price of this app might be worth it.

Otherwise, you can use FaceTime for your Mac to make calls to iPhone and other Macs relatively simply. Or, there's the good old Skype option. Dialogue presents an interesting idea for the Mac crowd, but this app needs to come with a lower price tag.

Currently, Dialogue works with most phones including iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Dialogue does not work with BlackBerry currently, and there is no word from the company as to whether or not BlackBerry is in the future.

Verdict: Dialogue is an innovative app that could come in handy, but this reviewer doesn't think that a $6 price tag is on the mark.