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  • Down With Dieting: Nutrition Software that Works
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Hiring a nutritionist is expensive. Purchasing diet and nutrition software is reasonable. Diet and nutrition software provides an easy way to keep track of your diet. Many of these programs also come with shopping lists, recipes, and various other nutritional tools.

As with any other type of software, the most important thing to consider is user-friendliness. A good diet and nutrition program can be purchased for less than $100.

Nutrinote – $49+

Nutrinote is a complete nutrition organizer. Users can log daily foods, find out which foods are contributing to weight gain, and create recipe records. Nutrinote also details all food components from carbohydrates to fats and everything in-between. Activities and sports can also be added to Nutrinote. In turn, this program deducts an approximate number of calories burned while participating in a particular sport (more than 300 different activities are included). Users can select from the “premium” or “professional” version of this program.

DietPower – $30+

DietPower is a completely unique type of dieting software. If there’s one nutrition and dieting program that’s ahead of the pack, it’s DietPower. Not only is DietPower guaranteed to work, but it does so by monitoring a user’s metabolic rate. In addition, DietPower is fast, since users only have to log food for five minutes per day. DietPower also includes a forum with other DietPower users, live help, a panic button, and an easy interface. Users can log both foods and calories burned through activities using this program.

DietOrganizer – $30+

DietOrganizer allows users to enter foods, activities, and recipes into a large database. This information is then computed, analyzed, and placed into a neat spreadsheet. Nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and other vital information is included in the DietOrganizer spreadsheet. Over 7,000 different foods are included in the DietOrganizer program. This program is also easy to use, includes helpful information, and has useful charts that can help users to maintain, lose, or gain weight as needed.

Diet Pro -- $60

Diet Pro has earned a number of awards for ease of use. This program helps users track weight, foods, and calories burned during any given exercise routine. In addition, Diet Pro comes with an inventory management guide that’s extremely helpful. Users will also find Diet Pro’s unique reference library useful. Any user, of any age or type, will find Diet Pro’s interface straightforward and unique. While this program does it all, it is also very easy to use, which places Diet Pro at the top of the diet software list.

Kathleen’s Diet Planner -- $70+

This program does everything that most other diet and nutrition software does. The main difference is that Kathleen’s Diet Planner can also help users track blood pressure, body measurements, exercise effectiveness, and daily food intake. Nearly anything and everything that a user would want to track can be monitored with this program. Kathleen’s Diet Planner is also easy to use, and users will find that building meals and creating recipes is a cinch with this software.