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  • What's Next: Directional Sound Technology
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'Directional Sound Technology' is a term that you will soon hear a lot about. The notion is that this technology sends out sound waves within one singular column of air. What's the point? To completely eliminate noise pollution.

The purpose is to provide a home theatre experience that's unmatched, and one company called Parametric Sound is leading the pack.

The Hypersound Speakers

Parametric Sound's 'Hypersound Speakers' produce air waves within a 75cm air structure. The result is sound that only people within that radius can hear. It's kind of a futuristic concept, but it's one that will appeal to a lot of different people. Imagine sitting in your favourite reading chair, not wearing headphones, and hearing music that only you can hear because it's in your direct air column. Yeah, that's mind-blowing, right?

Further, this company is working to make any kind of tablet or phone a type of speaker, so that you can listen to what's being played on your device without bothering anyone else - or wearing headphones.

If you've ever been to an interactive exhibit that plays music when you walk past, you may have heard Directional Sound already. Parametric is currently testing this technology in museums and other exhibit halls, so that people passing by can hear music while standing within an air frame.

Public Unveiling

Parametric is aiming for the home theatre crowd next with the Hypersound speakers (unveiled at CES). A release date hasn't been announced (the company is still perfecting the technology), but one spokesperson did tell press that the company's aim is to arm gamers and music lovers with a way to listen to any sound without headphones and without bothering anyone else in a room. Imagine: you can blast music in the middle of the night and nobody will know!

The whole concept of what Parametric is doing with the Hypersound speakers is really intriguing. Hopefully, this company will successfully bring the sound technology to consumers very soon, so that we can all set up home speaker systems that sound great and don't annoy others with the sounds that we want to hear.

One Drawback

One of the biggest problems that Parametric is looking to conquer is that the speakers cannot currently project low bass sounds. This is a major issue when it comes to gameplay and music, so it's a hurdle that the company has to jump in order to release the technology to the public.

If Parametrics is able to cross the bass barrier, these speakers will, indeed, be something to marvel about. I'm guessing that the price will be high, but that's all in the future. For now, the concept is enough to make most people sit back and wait.

Will Parametrics be able to fix that bass issue? If the company succeeds, would you purchase these speakers? How much would you pay to play with no headphones? Let me know what you love or hate about this project below - who knows, maybe Parametrics will see your comments!