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  • Apple Offers iMac to Schools
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Apple gain daily criticism for being a large (some would say “soulless”) company. But, the fact remains that Apple does a lot of good in this world. One thing that the company has always done is support educational institutions. Throughout the years, Apple has provided discounted products and devices to various schools and other teaching outfits.

This year, Apple is offering a brand-new iMac to educational institutions for $999. This is roughly two-hundred dollars less than the sticker price that’s presented to regular consumers. Apple is not only helping out those schools in need with this discounted offer, but the company is also helping future generations learn all about Apple tools.

A Smart Move by Apple

The world that we live in today is a smartphone world. No company knows this fact better than Apple. As the number one smartphone manufacturer, Apple continues to impress and surprise smartphone users. In addition, Apple tends to capture the attention of people who have never had a smartphone before based upon sheer innovation and a brilliant advertising campaign.

So, it makes sense then that Apple knows who the company’s number one customer is. Apple’s target market is new generations of people who will, eventually, wind up buying Apple devices. That is, of course, if those people don’t already own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod – highly unlikely in this day and age. What does any of this have to do with the discounted iMac that Apple is now offering?

The Future Is Simple

The answer is quite logical. Apple wants to place Apple computers in schools, so that students become used to using Apple products. Of course, this tactic would never work unless the product itself didn’t leave a positive impression, but Apple devices work well, and this always leaves a positive impression.

Here’s a likely scenario: a student today uses a new iMac computer. In a few years, that student starts shopping for a personal computer, and comes across Apple systems. More likely than not, that person will buy an Apple computer based upon the positive experience they had while in school. The whole thing is an inspiring lesson in advertising, knowing your target market, and understanding how progression works.

Useful Information

The iMac being offered by Apple has a 21.5-inch screen and a 3.1 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i3 250GB hard drive. This system does not come with Thunderbolt (seemingly, Apple took this away to compensate for the reduced price). Another model, with a 20-inch screen is also available for $899. As you may have noted, there are a few things missing from the $999 iMac that Apple is offering, but the system itself is as solid as they come. For schools lacking computers, the new Apple offer is a steal.

Apple does help schools in need, and this is a fact that can’t be overlooked. If you know of an educational institution that needs new computers, sign up for Apple’s current offer. You can find out more about the discounted iMacs on the Apple website.