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  • Dish Freely: A Necessary App
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These days, gluten-free is the new trend. Whether you have been diagnosed as having a gluten problem or whether you’re just trying to shed some pounds, finding gluten-free restaurants in your town is anything but easy. To make this process simpler (and to cash in on the recent gluten-free craze), a new iPhone app called Dish Freely has been created.

As you might have guessed, this app was designed to help people find gluten-free dishes and restaurants nearby. By using location information, the app connects those who can’t touch that gluten stuff to tasty dishes and restaurants. The app is relatively new, but I’m betting that this one gets a lot of attention, since it was developed at the right time. If you eat gluten-free, this app is for you. If not, well, you probably won’t find this app very helpful at all.

How Dish Freely Works

Dish Freely is a completely free iOS app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store right now. Once downloaded, users will be brought through a very brief tutorial that includes a number of instructions and tips. Since the app is very new, you’ll have to be a bit patient or help the app grow by adding some good gluten-free spots in your town. When allowing the app to trace your current location, any gluten-free offerings that have been added will show up.

If no listings have been added yet, you can add any gluten-free restaurants that you know of, though you will have to fill out a quick form prior to adding any additional details. Users can also rate each gluten-free dish according to taste (very important!). That’s really all there is to Dish Freely – a simple app that serves a direct purpose. If you need to avoid gluten for any reason, Dish Freely is certainly worth a shot.

The First Gluten-Free App

Dish Freely is the first gluten-free app of its kind. While other apps may or may not come along, this one will have the upper hand. The only conceivable problem with this app is that users may not add a lot of dishes to various locations. If this doesn’t happen as planned, Dish Freely will not have a lot of options for those looking for some gluten-free choices. While this is a risk, chances are that those who have to eat gluten-free will help others find available cuisine.

If you happen to be one of the gluten-free, make sure to take a look at this app. Dish Freely is simple to use and does really offer a service that has been lacking. While there are plenty of food apps out there, none of them offer gluten-free dining advice, which is why Dish Freely is bound to do very well. As mentioned, the app is free and available for download right now. Hungry? Looking for a gluten-free spot? It might be time to whip out your iPhone (other platforms might be coming soon – stay tuned) and start downloading – just don’t forget to contribute!