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  • Disk Inventory X for Mac
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It might be hard to believe, but even Macs are slow sometimes. When your Mac slows down, chances are that it has everything to do with the amount of hard drive space you have left. If you don’t have that much space to grow, Disk Inventory for Mac is the program that you need. This program will help you decide what to toss, what to keep, and how to make sure that your Mac continues to run smoothly.

Using Disk Inventory: A Quick and Painless Program

Disk Inventory X is a free Mac program that’s very simple to use and downloads without any issues. After downloading the program (no undesirable downloads included, thankfully), you will be asked to choose the drive that you want to evaluate. It will take approximately ten minutes for the app to scan your drive completely, so sit tight. After that, you will see a sidebar to the left of the screen that lists all of the programs taking space on your system.

Here’s where Disk Inventory is really clever: the files that Disk Inventory showcases are color coordinated according to size. So, you can simply click on each file in order to see how much room that file is taking up on your drive. Want to scan a folder instead? No problem – just choose the folder that you want to scan instead of opting for a drive scan. Getting rid of a folder is easy too. Simply right-click on a folder to delete it, and that’s it.

Disk Inventory Interface

Disk Inventory has one of the easiest interfaces out there. With simple to see and understand color selections, preference settings, and all kinds of logical drop down screens, there’s nothing complicated about this app. What’s really nice about Disk Inventory is that it is free and very easy to download. Users of all levels will find Disk Inventory useful when it comes to freeing up space on a Mac and making sure that a Mac goes back to its former speed.

There are other reasons why your Mac might be running on the slow side, but most of the time a drive issue is the problem. Just think about all of those files and folders you store on your Mac – plenty of stuff, right? Well, even though Macs are workhorses, these computers slow down just as any other system out there. The difference is that you have a program like Disk Inventory at your disposal to make sure that you clean up your Mac properly.

Where to Download

Disk Inventory can be downloaded directly from the CNet website or by visiting the developer’s site page. As mentioned, this program downloads cleanly and doesn’t come with any unwanted icons, toolbars, or other problems. Disk Inventory won’t slow down your system either, but do keep in mind that it takes about ten minutes to run each scan. Otherwise, Disk Inventory is one of the best ways to find out what’s on your Mac and to clean it up.