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  • Disney App Mates for iPad
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iPads are big sellers. Toys are big sellers too. So, it should come as no real surprise that the toy world and the iPad world are beginning to merge. If you have a kid, an inner-child, and an iPad 2, you will want to take a closer look at Disney’s latest creation. The well-known theme park giant has teamed up with Apple to bring kids everywhere Disney App Mates.

App Mates are small plastic toys that can be used with the special Disney App Mates iPad 2 app. To fully understand what App Mates can do, it’s helpful to picture a timeless board game like, for example, Monopoly. Monopoly comes with small plastic pieces that can be moved around a board, which can be a lot of fun. Now, think of Monopoly with graphics, voices, and a screen that seems to come to life and you may begin to understand what Disney App Mates can do.

App Mates Your Child Will Love

Disney recently released a video that shows what App Mates are all about. The video is focused on a small boy who has an iPad and a number of cars from the popular children’s movie Cars. The child places a small plastic card on the iPad (after activating the app), and proceeds to race the car around a virtual road. Along the way, voices from the movie encourage play, make lots of noises, and allow the child to become fully immersed in the game.

Pixar’s Cars movie is just the first of many App Mates to come. There’s no doubt that Disney is testing the waters with the new App Mates to see how many parents will purchase these toys for their kids. Seemingly, App Mates will be big sellers, since many parents already allow their children to use an iPad to play games and take pictures. Now, parents can provide kids with small plastic Disney toys that go well with the iPad. When combined, App Mates are the perfect way to keep kids entertained for hours.

Availability and Pricing

The iPad is already expensive, so Disney had to take this into consideration when pricing the new App Mates. A pack of Cars App Mates (numerous cars included) will run you around $20. There’s no word yet whether or not Disney will create additional App Mates before the holiday season, but this is highly likely.

If you already have an iPad, the Disney App Mates app is free to use. Keep in mind that Disney created this app, so your kids shouldn’t have any problem activating the app on their own. Of course, some age restrictions apply, though most toddlers these days will be able to figure out how to start an iPad, run an app, and play Disney games to their heart’s content. Right now, you can find App Mates in some toy shops, through the Disney website, and through online retailers.

A Hot New Toy?

Will App Mates become the toy of the season? This is a strong possibility. If you kids love video games, the movie Cars, and using an iPad, App Mates will be a big hit. You might also consider Disney App Mates for any kids on your list if you happen to know a parent who owns an iPad. Parents will love the fact that App Mates will keep kids occupied for hours and kids will love playing with the highly contagious App Mates toys and app.