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There’s a struggle amongst today’s parents. Some parents view technology as a bad thing – a time wasting, brain sucking blight on current youth. Other parents can’t get enough of technology, and don’t mind if kids use a tablet or phone for a few hours. It is, however, hard to ignore the fact that technology is starting to be more kid-friendly. If you happen to on either side of the fence, or just want to purchase something fun for your kids, Disney has created an app that is worth taking a look at. The Disney Creativity Studio is both educational, in some ways, and fun for kids of all ages.

For the Budding Artist: Trace, Draw, Learn

The Disney Creativity Studio app was developed by artists who work for Disney, and teaches kids how to draw Disney characters step-by-step. Popular characters like Mickey Mouse and Pluto can be drawn using a Stylus and an iPad. The app takes young artist through every step of the drawing process, and explains, in detail, why each character is drawn a certain way. The Stylus that comes with the Disney Creativity Studio app allows kids to create different brush strokes, colors, and textures, all without making any kind of real mess.

Disney’s Creativity Studio app is filled with pages of Disney characters. The idea is to trace each character until a child becomes skilled enough to draw characters without any help. Once a character has been created, it is possible to save a drawing and email that drawing to anyone. Sound like a great way to teach kids how to draw? It is; and it’s also quite affordable for anyone seeking something to give a kid during the holiday season.

How Much Does This App Cost?

You can purchase the Disney Creativity Studio app for $49.99 from the Apple Store. At this price, the app includes a Disney Stylus and Stylus carrying case (covered in Disney print). If you just want to purchase the app (you will need a Stylus of your own), you can do this for $3.99. The $49.99 app purchase price seems to be a better deal, since purchasing a Stylus separately can be pricey (and foreign Stylus’ may not work as well – plus, what kid doesn’t want a Disney Stylus?).

If you have a child who likes to draw, will you purchase the Disney Creativity Studio app? Or, are you thinking that this app teaches kids how to recognize Disney characters, and, as a result, pushes Disney products? There are two sides of the fence here, but, for the most part, the app seems to be a great way to let your kids draw, learn, and, most importantly, be preoccupied for hours on end while you get stuff done. The Disney Creativity Studio app is currently available through the Apple App Store. Sorry, Android folks, Disney hasn’t made an Android app just yet, though the company might be working on this (the same goes for Windows, BlackBerry, and other platforms). Oh, you’ll also have to buy and iPad to use this app.