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  • Domino's Pizza Hero Comes to iPad
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Looking for a fun and exciting way to order your next pizza? Would you like to become a virtual Domino's employee and become a hero to all who call for delivery? Simply download the Domino's Pizza Hero app to your iPad and create your virtual pizza masterpiece. Did your creation make you hungry? No problem – you can send it directly to Domino's and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

How to Become a Hero

Begin by kneading your dough and shaping it into the crust, adding sauce and cheese, and choosing your toppings. A timer keeps track of how long it takes you to get your pizza into the oven as you are trying to simulate the experience of a Domino's employee. Just as the real employee would, you must keep your virtual customers happy by getting the pizza out the door in a timely fashion.

To ensure customer satisfaction, the first five levels of game play are based on the real-world experience of a Domino's employee: “Pizza School,” which in reality is called Domino's Pizza Prep School.

If you succeed in advancing to level six, the scoring begins in the form of “customer” reviews (based on the real-life Domino's Tracker, a sort of customer satisfaction ticker) and is also based on how quickly you are able to make each pizza. Play through all eleven levels, each of them geared towards mastering a different skill, such as spreading the sauce like a pro, cutting the perfect slices, kneading a killer dough, and even popping out the bubbles that form on the crust during baking.

Compete against your friends and watch which of you can not only make a pizza in record time, but also satisfy the “customers.” You must be logged into the Game Center to do this. Players also have the option of sharing their progress on Facebook and Twitter if they so desire.

The final level, called “The Rush,” challenges you to successfully get all orders out on a night where the volume of orders seems overwhelming, one of the busiest nights of the year. If you can succeed in cranking all orders out and at the same time keeping the customers satisfied, you have become a Pizza Hero.

Make Your Virtual Pizza a Reality

Within the app is the “Make An Order” tab which will allow the player to submit their pizza creation directly to Domino's, where it will become dinner. Of course, there are some restrictions. The pizza must be the typical shape a pizza would be. You must also assure the presence of sauce all over the pizza, rather than trying to sauce only a quarter of the pie.


This app is only available at this time for the iPad and iPad 2. It is the first app the company has released to order a pizza directly in the US, although they had launched an iPad app in the UK specifically for ordering pizzas, tracking a pizza en route to your house via delivery driver, or finding the closest Domino's to your current location. Isn't playing a game to order your pizza so much more fun?