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  • You Can Now Order Pizza With a Twitter Emoji
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Domino’s has been at the forefront of food and technology for some time now. The company already lets you order via app and track your order (though it doesn’t always work as described).

Now, the pizza company is at it again, but this time the company is using Twitter as a means for pizza ordering in a really unique way. Here’s how the new Domino’s and Twitter connection works.

New Twitter Emojis

Domino’s has been experimenting with various Emojis on Twitter for a few days. If you follow Domino’s you may have seen some of these Emojis pop up randomly, though the company kept the reason behind the Emojis a secret. Today, Domino’s revealed what those Emojis were all about. Basically, you can now use Twitter and Domino’s Emojis to order your pizza.

If you use Twitter a lot and like Domino’s pizza, this one is a no-brainer. How does it work? You first have to sign up on the Domino’s website to create a customer account that includes things like your credit card number and your address details. You then have to enter your Twitter handle into the space provided.

Once that’s done, you can go to your Twitter account and use the hashtag #EasyOrder OR just use the pizza Emoji, and Tweet either one to the Domino’s Twitter handle. Once you’ve sent our your request, Domino’s will contact you to make sure that you placed the order, and your order will be processed.

A Lasting System

Domino’s isn’t the first company to try something promotional via Twitter, but it’s the only company to state that it will stick with the Twitter option. Domino’s customers will be able to use the Twitter platform to order pizza now and for forever, or until the Twitter option no longer works or just doesn’t work that well. Whichever one comes first is where the company will go with this new delivery service.

Right now, the services is only offered in the US, but Domino’s hopes to expand the Twitter ordering service to other countries including Canada in the near future. Domino’s isn’t the first company to try an ordering service through Twitter. Starbucks once tried a promotional Twitter ordering service that included letting people buy coffee for friends through Twitter using the Starbucks Twitter handle. The Starbucks option was only promotional, though, and didn’t last long.

Domino’s Makes Progress

The new Domino’s and Twitter team up is part of the pizza company’s initiative to bring technology and food closer. The Domino’s team has a tech team that solely focuses on technology and food software called AnyWare.

AnyWare is the team that was behind letting you use the Domino’s app to order and track your pizza, and you can expect to see more tech from this company in the near future. For now, if you live in the US and you want a Domino's pizza through Twitter, just send a pizza Emoji to Domino’s and your pizza will be on its way to your doorstep.