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  • Dongles: Do You Need One?
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Uninspiring name aside, dongles are useful tools. A broadband dongle gives you the ability to
connect to the Internet from any location. While there are many different broadband dongles on
the market, the difference between each one is minute. In fact, it’s hard to detect a true difference
between dongles at all. Appearance aside, coverage and contract are the two most important
aspects of any dongle option.

If your goal is to connect your current television with the Internet, you will need an Internet
television dongle. If you want to hook up your PlayStation to your universal remote, you will
need a different kind of dongle. These devices can be purchased online or in electronics stores.
Be aware that some televisions do not require connection through a dongle. The difference
between a television that has requires a dongle and one that does not is discussed below.

Built-In Broadband

If you have a new laptop, you probably have built-in broadband. This broadband inclusion
renders a broadband dongle useless. Before you buy a dongle, find out whether or not you have
built-in broadband. If you do, you don’t need a broadband dongle.

Contracts and Coverage

As mentioned above, your broadband coverage and contract is the most important detail when
purchasing a dongle. There are a couple of contract options including a one-month contract and a
SIM contract. Some companies also offer pay-as-you-go plans and longer, yearly, contracts.

Selecting the right kind of contract depends on how much you plan to use broadband. If you
want to use your dongle every day, you may want to consider a yearly contract. If you only plan
to use your dongle occasionally while traveling, a pay-as-you-go contract is the ideal option.
Explore all contact options to find the best possible deal.

Television Dongle Connection

If your current television has an Ethernet port, you don’t need to purchase a dongle. However,
many manufacturers and electronics stores will try to sell you a dongle all the same. The truth
is that you only need to connect your router to your television through an Ethernet port. This
simple connection will allow you to watch Internet television.

On the other hand, if your television does not have an Ethernet port, you will need a dongle.
Make sure to look for one that will work with the current TV that you have. A number of Internet
television dongles can be purchased for less than $100.

Dongles for PlayStations

It’s a widely known fact that you can’t control a PlayStation with a universal remote. Sony

simply hasn’t added an IR support to the PlayStation. Without this support, it’s impossible to
hook up your PS console to your universal remote. The solution to this problem is a dongle.

There is a USB IR Dongle for PlayStation on the market, and this dongle can be purchase online.
When used, your PlayStation will succumb to your universal remote’s demands. As you can see,
dongles are truly useful tools that can be used in all kinds of different circumstances.