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  • Donuts is Dishing Out Domain Names (Non-Edible)
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Not getting the domain name you originally wanted can be a very frustrating thing. This becomes even more frustrating when a company claims that you are 'cyber-squatting' when you're just trying to find a name that suits your band.

But, rest assured, there's now another way to target your market using the domain name that you originally wanted - kind of.

New Domain Names Unleashed

Donuts, Inc. (a top domain name registry) has just unveiled a bunch of top level domains. This means that you can snag the domain name you originally wanted, just in a different kind of form. Some of the domain names that Donut is releasing include .BIKE, .SINGLES, .CLOTHING, and many others.

It's important to note that Donut is a TLD registry, but this company is not a registrar. In order to purchase one of these domain names, you will have to go through one of Donuts partners (including GoDaddy and some other big names). And, if you think that you can snag a popular domain name for cheap, think again.

Prices Are High and Going Higher

It would be great to grab an amazing domain name, right? Well, the prices for one of those top spots start at $10,000. Prices will drop each day, but that's a lot of money to shell out for a TLD. Then again, it all depends on whether or not you think that domain is worth the cash.

There's something else that you need to consider first, too. Is it a good idea to pick up a new TLD? Maybe. Or, maybe not. Right now, the world hasn't really switched out of the .com mindset. If someone wants to view your site, putting a new set of words after that dot might get confusing. Or, worse, if you switch your site's spot on the Internet now, you may confuse some clients completely.

Is it really a good idea to grab a new Internet domain? Or, is this just a fab that will soon pass and crash? This is really something to consider before you make the move.

Are You a Risk Taker?

That's the question. Some people may stand a change to make a ton of money off of a new domain purchase. Others may find that spending thousands of dollars on a new domain wasn't really worth all of that cash. Either way, the domains are currently on sale through Donut, Inc. affiliates, though not all top hosts are selling the names right now.

Why aren't more affiliates signing up with Donut? My guess is that they're waiting to see what kind of response is generated from the new domain news. Once enough people react, other companies might become Donut affiliates. For now, though, you'll have to deal with one of the affiliates that's listed on the site.

Are you willing to spend thousands on a TLD? If you have (or will) I'd love to hear your rationale behind the purchase. Leave a note below - and let us know what your new site setup looks like!