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  • Doximity: The Physicians Social Network
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Doximity is a relatively new social networking being billed as “the physicians LinkedIn.” Physicians from all around the globe can log onto Doximity remotely or from a desktop, connect with other physicians, and share information over a secure network. Why can’t physicians just use LinkedIn like the rest of the world? Well, they can; but having a network that consists solely of other physicians may help when it comes to medical treatment and cures.

It is said that only a fool thinks he knows everything. Based upon this notion, Doximity allows physicians to connect and chat with one another about cases, cures, and problems that arise. If, for example, a physician in Boston has a tough case that can’t be solved, another physician in California may have an answer to that problem. In this manner, Doximity is a necessary network.

How Doximity Works

First, let me say that you have to be a physician to sign up for Doximity. Sorry folks, you can’t log onto this website in order to ask millions of doctors about a particular health problem you are experiencing (that’s why other sites exist). If you happen to be a physician, you can log onto Doximity by signing up for an account online. Once you’ve signed up, you can post your resume, and the system will find other doctors who you can connect with based upon your criteria.

So far, thousands of physicians have signed up for this site. When I use the term “physician,” I’m speaking of those that work within the medical field, so doctors of other types (psychologists and the like) cannot use this social network. This poses a question: how long before other sites that cater to specific fields pop up? Might there be a network for lawyer soon? Possibly; but, for now, the medical field has the jump on exclusive social networks.

Not the First One

Doximity is not the first social network for physicians. Other networks, such as Sermo, currently exist. Yet, Doximity is the first physician’s social network to gain 10.8 million in funding. What will Doximity do with all of this cash? The company plans on making the network stronger, opening it up to doctors from around the globe, and putting a lot more money into the network’s interface. For doctors who are on the go, the fact that Doximity can be used with a smartphone or tablet is an excellent thing. After all, it’s rare that a doctor has the time to sit at a desktop and network socially.

Why is Doximity special? A lot of users are chalking the success of this social network up to a great interface that’s highly interactive and simple to use. Right now, Doximity is attracting lots of physicians from around the globe. One hopes that these physicians are communicating with each other not just for networking purposes, but also to learn from one another. After all, nobody knows the answer to all of life’s problems, which is why a medical network that allows doctors to draw from one another is an important part of human welfare.