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Advancements in word processors are, well, non-existent. Sure, there's Microsoft Word, but that processor is largely a historical remnant. If you are continuously annoyed with the many things that Word can't do, Draft might be the word processor of your dreams.

Draft offers writers, journalists, bloggers, and everyone else a clean and simple way to write a text. This program keeps track of how many words you write, so you don't have to highlight your text to discover word count information. Draft also makes it possible to share your documents with others, allow edits, use services like Dropbox, and ask for professional editing help when you need it.

How Draft Works

To use Draft, all you have to do is head to the main Draft site. From there, simply enter your email address and password details (don't worry, it's secure). Then choose the "New Document" option, and begin typing away. In the bottom righthand corner you will see that important word count. In the top righthand corner you will see a "Mark Draft" option.

Clicking on the "Mark Draft" option saves your draft as it is when you click the button. Draft automatically saves your drafts, but the "Mark Draft" option differentiates between a auto-saved document and a draft that is important in the moment. Shortcut keys will also allow you to save a marked draft.

Professional Editing and More

On the lefthand side of the main Draft document screen is a small house icon. Mousing over the icon will pull up five different options including "Help," "Formatting," "View/Export," and "Share/Ask a Pro." As mentioned, you can export your draft in HTML or Text form. Or, you can ask a pro for editing help.

If you choose to ask a pro to help you edit your newly written piece. For 45 minutes of editing, you will pay just $10. If you want 15 minutes of editing, the cost is $5. Once editing, you will be notified of any changes, and you can always accept or reject changes to your document with ease. Draft claims that all of the company's editors are college grads who have signed a NDA agreement (so you don't have to worry about someone giving away your secrets). Is this the best service ever? It might be.

Why You Need Draft

If you write a lot for business or pleasure, there are few things better than Draft. Really, good old Microsoft Word can't compete. Draft is easy to use and it comes with so many awesome features - especially the professional editing feature.

I recommend Draft so highly that this entire article was written, saved, and emailed to myself via Draft. The process was simple, the word count tool has saved my life (and my time), and I love knowing that a professional editor is just a click away. You may not think that you need a new word processor. But, the truth is that you really do. Word works just fine...until you try Draft.