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If you type a lot, you know how sore fingers can become by the end of a long work day. In addition to sore fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome is nothing to laugh at. Voice recognition software takes a stab at relieving some of that finger and hand pain.

Yet, most software of this type isn’t worth the expense (and almost all of this software is expensive!). However, Dragon Speech Recognition is one program that is gaining favorable reviews across the board. While this speech recognition software isn’t perfect (and it’s not cheap), it is one of the best options (if not the best option) on the market today. To purchase Dragon Speech Recognition, you will have to fork over $199.99. Read on to find out whether or not this software is for you.

Language Recognition

There’s no point in purchasing speech recognition software that can’t detect regional tones or different types of speech. Unlike other software in its class, Dragon is great at deciphering the way that you speak. When you use this software, your text will come out closer to what you’re actually saying than most other software of this type. Now, that’s not to say that Dragon is perfect, it isn’t. But, you will find that this software does allow you to speak normally and naturally without worrying about too many mistakes.

Dragon software was made for people who have accents, who don’t speak perfect English, and who want to speak at a normal pace. This software will dictate as you talk, and mistakes are few and far between. When tested, Dragon picked up on most words that were spoken with a heavy accent. All in all, the language recognition aspect of this software is top notch.


User-friendliness is another important speech recognition software asset to look for. You don’t want to spend hours setting up software that’s supposed to be simple to use. Dragon worked well in this category and it was relatively easy to configure. Unfortunately, this software only runs on Windows XP or higher. That means that Mac users are out of luck. Making the software available for Mac users may be something that Dragon developers work on in the near future, but there’s no word of that yet.
It’s also important to note that you will need to purchase noise-cancelling headphones if you want to use your Dragon software efficiently.

This program does not come with this type of headset, but this is an easy purchase to make. Once you have set up this program, a small feature bar with a pull-down menu will sit at the top of your screen (installation takes about thirty minutes to complete). Using the commands from the pull-down bar is as simple as it gets.

Who Will Like this Software

As mentioned, the Dragon Speech Recognition software package is great for anyone who types regularly. This software may not be ideal for someone who types occasionally. If you have a lot of papers to write or tech articles to complete, take a minute to check out what Dragon has to offer.