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  • Draw Something: What’s It All About?
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I might be coming a bit late to the Draw Something table, but, to be honest, there are so many gaming apps out there it’s really hard to get hyped up about the newest one. Yet, it’s very hard to ignore the phenomenon that is Draw Something. In case you’re like me and you haven’t downloaded this iOS (and now Facebook) app, here’s what Draw Something is all about (this article will also prepare you if/when your friends invite you to join in a game of Draw Something!).

This App Really Is All About Drawing Something

Close your eyes and think back to 1985 (if you were around then, that is!). Now, think about the board games that were popular during that time. At the top of list was a game called Pictionary. Pictionary was based on a simple enough premise: users would select a word and then draw a representation of that word as best as possible while an opposing team tried to guess at the word. If a team guessed correctly, that team earned points. Well, Draw Something is a lot like Pictionary, only this game is for Facebook and iOS users.

If you want to join in a Draw Something game, you will be given a word. Then, you have a set amount of time to draw out that word to the best of your efforts. If someone guesses your word, it’s your turn to look at the way that other people are drawing and guess at their words. As you might imagine, this game can be a lot of fun and it’s always good for a laugh or to kill some time. If you haven’t downloaded Draw Something (there is a minimal cost), give it a shot. This game has already become immensely popular worldwide.

Draw Something Is Already a Hit

Even though Draw Something hasn’t been around for years, this game is already a major hit. Those who have downloaded the game love it for all its worth, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most downloaded iOS games of all time. Not only is Draw Something popular in the Apple App Store, but this game is also a hit on Facebook – and the Facebook game arena isn’t easy to break into. Draw Something is such a popular Facebook game that its already surpassing popular Zynga games – imagine that!

The game is addicting, fun, challenging, and it is a nice change of pace from Words With Friends or other competing games (Draw Something has surpassed Words With Friends download-wise, by the way). If you like to draw, have an iOS device, are on Facebook, or just want to see what the rest of the world is up to, check out Draw Something. The concept behind this app isn’t a new one (just remember those Pictionary days), but it is a relatively new concept within the mobile gaming world and the Facebook gaming world combined. Now that you know what Draw Something is all about, will you join in on the fun or are you tired of mobile games?