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  • Draw and Tell for iPad
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Do you use your iPad as a virtual babysitter? If your kids use your iPad more than you do, it’s time to download a truly educational program (you know, other than Angry Birds). Draw and Tell is a new iPad app that’s bound to be a smash hit with the kids in your life. Not only is this all a lot of fun, but it’s also a great way to save some timeless memories. While the app isn’t free (around $1.00), purchasing this app would be money well spent. After all, this app is educational, which is more than can be said for most iPad apps on the market. Here’s why the Draw and Tell iPad app by Duck, Duck, Moose is getting a lot of attention.

Coloring and More!

You probably know by now that the iPad is a great art surface for your kids to play on. There are lots of apps out there that let kids of all ages draw, color, and virtually paint via the iPad. Draw and Tell does all of these things, but this app provides a lot more than simply coloring and painting tools. The Draw and Tell iPad app also includes plenty of colorful papers, some sparkles, stickers, and (the coolest feature of them all) this app also records your child’s voice when your budding artist is in the middle of creating his or her masterpiece.

For example, your child might move around a sticker while singing a song. If you use the Draw and Tell app, that song will be recorded along with the piece of art that your child has created. You can then save this work of art, share it with friends, or simply allow your child to view their new masterpiece over and over again. As far as I know, this is the first child-centric iPad app that makes it possible for children to draw, paint, create, and recording any voiceover all at the same time.

Duck, Duck, Moose

Aside from the fact that the Draw and Tell app is making waves, Duck, Duck, Moose (the cleverly named developers behind this app) have also created a number of other apps with children in mind. Nursery rhymes, numbers and letters apps, and various other apps can be found by looking through the Apple App Store. If your child is going to be using your iPad frequently, you might as well purchase some apps that are educational, right?

You can start with the Draw and Tell app, which is available for download right now. Within a short period of time, your child will either love this app or forget all about it (I’m betting on the former). There’s just something about an iPad app that allows a child to create and talk all at the same time that’s hard to pass up. Even if your iPad is full of apps, there’s always room for one more, and, hey, you won’t have to worry about keeping a watchful eye on your kid – just let your iPad do it.