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  • Dream of Pixels for Android is Here!
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Were you a Tetris fan? Still are? How do you feel about the anti-Tetris game? A new Android gamed called 'Dream of Pixels' is similar to Tetris in most ways - only, the goal here is to unstack the blocks.

When it comes to mobile gaming, companies are looking to make the new Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Why? Because this is a billion dollar business worth getting into.

But, it's not easy.

Dream of Pixels Dreams Big

Dream of Pixels lets players choose from five possible player modes. Players can select from a number of different puzzle combinations, and most of these look like a lot of fun (there's even a 'Zen' mode for those high stress times). Game rules are simple: unpack the blocks, and the game itself appears to be one of the addictive kinds.

However, the mobile gaming market is a massive one with many different companies coming out with new games daily. A game like Dream of Pixels may stand out right now, but it has to have an addicting appeal. Then again, Candy Crush is nothing more than a puzzle game, and that game has already generated billions of dollars in revenue.

What Makes This Game Unique?

So far, what we have here is a basic mobile gaming setup. Dream of Pixels includes colorful graphics, puzzle options, levels, and ads. That's right - the free version of this game (the ones that are available now) will come with ads. Wand an ad-free version? You'll have to pay for it.

Interestingly, Dream of Pixels was first released via iPhone. But, for the iPhone crowd, this game was available only as a paid app option. Now, the game comes to Android after proving success on iOS. What kind of success? Not as much as Candy Crush, but enough for the game's developers to sink money into creating an Android version of the game.

Where to Get It

Dream of Pixels is brand new, and that means that you'll find it in the Play store. You can get two versions of the game for free right now (Classic and Puzzle modes), and you can upgrade to the Pro version if you are willing to pay more for it. Otherwise, you will have to deal with the ads that come along with the game. That's just the way it goes in the mobile world.

I'm guessing that this game will include in-app purchases too, so look for levels that you can buy or items to purchase that will help you level up. You may also be able to share via social networks or add a friend to the game in order to score more points. If you are a puzzle game addict, Dream of Pixels will be right up your alley.

What do you think of this game? Is it something that you will pay to play, or will a free version suffice? If you've already played this game, please chime in - we'd love to hear from you!