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  • The Drobo Mini Backup System
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Computers fail and data becomes lost. This is just a fact of life. The only way to keep your files and folders indefinitely is to backup everything you have. To do this, you will need a backup system. There are lot of backup system options on the current market. Some are far superior while others fall short. A new backup system called the Drobo Mini is gaining a lot of attention for one very good reason: this backup system is lightning fast.

Super Speedy Connectivity

The Drobo Mini has Thunderbolt ports that connect directly to your Mac – you can also connect directly to your PC if Thunderbolt is currently available on your PC. Thunderbolt is ridiculously fast. The Drobo Mini can backup data just as fast as a disc can send that data. You can set the Drobo Mini to backup your data automatically or you can backup specific data as you see fit. Either way, the Drobo Mini provides a fail-proof way to ensure that you always have the files you need, and that your files are safe from harm.

How can this system be fail-proof? The Drobo Mini uses a technology called BeyondRAID. The best way to explain how this system works is to paint a picture of sorts: if you install a number of drives and one fails, with most other backup systems you’d be out of luck. This is not the case with a system that uses BeyondRAID. This technology actually works to capture all the data from failed drives and reconstruct that data for you. In short, you will never be without any kind of data. How amazing is that? What’s even more amazing is that the Drobo Mini isn’t some kind of super bulky desk-hogging drive.

Style, Size, and other Specifics

The Drobo Mini is not much larger than an average hand. This system is also incredibly light and can sit nicely next to your computer. You can let the Drobo Mini run all day long, and you’ll almost forget that it’s there. Silent, strong, and small, this backup system is easily one of the best on the market. The only (major) downside to this backup system is that the Drobo Mini isn’t exactly cheap. The system begins at $649 and increases in price when you start to add drives. It’s easy to pay more than $1000 for the Drobo Mini when all is said and done.

If you don’t mind the price, though, the Drobo Mini is really the best backup system out there. You can find this system at a number of online retailers, and you may even come across a Black Friday deal if you look hard enough. If you do see a significant discount on the Drobo Mini, be sure to let the rest of the readers out there know – and be sure to purchase this amazing pint-sized device. Whether you want to back up photos or files, there are few better ways to do it than with the Drobo Mini.