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The Motorola Droid X continues to rival the iPhone as the top smartphone on the market today and it certainly has a lot to do with the amazing applications available for free or for purchase at the Android Market. Instead of getting bogged down searching through hundreds of apps in the market, simply start with this guide. You may not have the most applications but you will have the best.

Google Goggles
Google Goggles is a free app that lets you get information about objects by pointing your phone at them. It has the ability to recognize logos, artwork, landmarks, businesses and other cool things. Once you take an image, Google scans it and seconds later you have detailed information about the image and even relevant Google search results.

Cost: Free

Documents To Go
The number one must-have application for Droid X users whose Smartphone is also an extension of their business. This app allows for MS Word and Excel viewing as well as unlocking Adobe PDF and Google Docs and even lets you sync with your desktop and send changes made on your phone to whomever you like.

Cost: $14.99

Personalized streaming music from Pandora directly to your Droid X. This application lets you stream all your Pandora stations over your phone. It runs in the background and even has a widget that gives you a live functioning control panel on one of your Android home pages.

Cost: Free

Make sure next time you go out and decide to see a movie you have this awesome Droid X application. Moviephone allows you to find movie times, reviews and even trailers in mere seconds. You can customize it to only search in specific areas and even order movie tickets.

Cost: Free

ESPN ScoreCenter
A must-have for even the casual sports fan who also happens to be a Droid X owner. ESPN ScoreCenter allows you to select your favorite teams in a way that creates your own personalized sports stream. It offers real-time updates and can come in handy when you have to miss the game to attend a wedding!

Cost: Free

PicSay Pro
Premium photo editor in the comfort of your Droid X. Don’t worry about exporting your photos to your computer to edit them any longer. Now you can sharpen, cut, paint, add text, remove red-eye, add word balloons and apply effects all with your fingertips before sending off your new photos.

Cost: $3.99

Facebook for Android
If you own a Droid X and are still logging into Facebook through your web browser then you need this app. Facebook for Android allows you to view your news feed, update your status and look at photos quickly and efficiently. You can also quickly upload photos you take and share links from your web browser.

Cost: Free

Personal Finance Pro
Control your money and bills from anywhere. This app allows you to track all your bank, credit card, rewards, loan, insurance and investment accounts on your Droid X. You can even set up bill payments and get financial tips!

Cost: $7.00